10 Top Sunglasses Trends

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This year is seeing new sunglasses trends, gracing the red carpets and runaways across the world. Olympic Eyewear strives to keep customers updated about the very latest sunglasses styles.

The top 2013 trends include the following:


  1. Round Sunglasses – Oversized, round sunglasses are the latest trend. Whether they’re small, medium or large, all sizes are popular this season.
  2. Decorated Sunglasses – Sunglasses that are adorned with rhinestones, shapes and cutouts are extremely popular, adding a special touch of something unique and special to any outfit.
  3. Floral – Floral fabrics and clothing are huge this upcoming spring, as incorporating these details into sunglasses adds a delightful, feminine touch to any outfit.
  4. Bold – Bold designs, stripes and colors are not only popular for all types of accessories this season, but incorporating this trend into sunglasses makes an outfit cohesive, trendy and vibrant.
  5. Colorful – Just as with the 1980s adding a touch of eye-popping color to lenses, this season is no exception. Popular clothing shades include hot pinks, lemon yellows, seafoam greens and blue, and these eye-popping colors don’t simply extend to clothing, but are also being incorporated into accessories and sunglasses’ lenses.
  6. Mirrored – Mirrored lenses come in a variety of colors, ranging from blacks, browns, purples and greens to yellows. These reflector-style lenses are the latest trend for today’s modern, hip, sophisticated woman.
  7. Oversized – Popular trends include oversized sunglasses, reminiscent of the timeless fashion icon, Jackie Onassis. This season takes these oversized glasses a step further, incorporating unique geometric shapes into the lenses. These dynamic silhouettes are eye-catching, memorable and extremely tasteful.
  8. Decorations – Metallic embellishments are the latest addition to this spring’s trends. Even if the embellishments are minimal and tasteful or bold and oversized, this look is memorable and iconic.
  9. Colored Sunglasses – Greens are extremely popular this season and this color is being incorporated into sunglasses, which lends a super sleep look to any outfit.
  10. Cat Eye Sunglasses – Cat-Eye trends are exceptionally popular this season. They compliment many facial shapes and draw the eyes upward, lending a very sophisticated look to any outfit. 

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