Living With Air Pollution Is Just As Bad As Living With Cigarette Smokers! Find Out How to Fix It

Living with cigarette smokers isn’t an ideal scene for many. Cigarette smoke is smelly, toxic, and downright impossible to tolerate for asthma sufferers, not to mention deadly! While most of us in this day and age have become privy to the harmful effects of tobacco, there is a “new” villain that’s come to wreak havoc on lung health— air pollution.

The Limitations of HEPA Filters: The Truth Will Shock You

Have you ever wondered just how effective standard HEPA air filters are at eliminating bacterias, molds, and other particulates? The honest answer to that is not at all.

Why Boosting Your Immune System Isn’t Enough

At some point, we’ve all been told that it’s important to supplement our immune system, especially during flu season. Considering that we are surrounded by over 1400 known pathogens on any given day, I think it is safe to say that boosting the immune system is crucial for our health. However, is it enough?

How the Pandemic Made Me Stronger

I feared the requirements of social distancing and hibernation all year would throw me back into old unhealthy habits.

7 Amazing Benefits from Planking for Just 3 Minutes a Day

The popularity of planking is undeniable, and growing. That’s because it is one of the most effective, simple, and time-efficient exercise programs you can use to help you control your weight and build a strong, healthy core. Planking for just 3 minutes every day can deliver 7 visible results every health-conscious person desires. 1.  …

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