2013: The Latest Glasses Trends For Men

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As with the changes of every season, so too do the latest men’s sunglasses trends transform. For men who want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, 2013 is anticipated to be a hip, stylish year.

Sunglasses are considered the essential accessory. Not only do they protect the eyes from blinding sunrays and harmful UV lights, they are perfect for camouflaging fatigue, hiding eyes and give a mysterious veil of intrigue combined with chic, sexy style.

For sunglasses lovers, 2013 holds a number of new men’s trends and styles. These are currently gracing the runways, but will soon be available to men worldwide.

The most common trend in 2013 is old-style frames. Designers are returning to classic lines that are timeless, retro and clean, with minimalistic details. In fact, aviator sunglasses will be one of the biggest trends. For those too young to remember World War II, consider the cult-hit “Top Gun.” Starring Tom Cruise as Maverick and Anthony Edwards as Goose, these two redefined the ultimate male style in the 1980’s.

Another comeback trend are Steve McQueen sunglasses. A legend in his Hollywood rite, these angular sunglasses are ideal for men who want to tighten their facial lines and give a strong, masculine look. No one can dispute Steve McQueen’s handsome, rugged and manly good looks, which is why his iconic style is still emulated in today’s fashion accessorized world.

Trends also include more vibrant frames and lenses, including gold-style and palladium-style frames. Reminiscent of a classic, smooth look, these Italian-inspired frames are ideal for men looking to make a statement this year.

Additional style trends are men’s sunglasses that look as though they were simply recovered from a grandfather’s aging drawer. These vintage-inspired pieces give a “Godfather” like look, reminding one of stylish Al Pacino dictating orders to his mobster employees in this ever-popular trilogy.

Casual looks are leaning towards rounder lenses that boast clean lines, are extremely light, but still offer a classic look. Younger men are focusing on colorful sophistication, which leans more towards a sporty look with mirrored, colorful lenses.

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