2013: The Latest Sunglasses Trends for Women

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Sunglasses are simply another fashion-forward trend, much like having the latest handbag, jewelry accessories and shoes. Sunglasses are accessories that lend a polished, sophisticated look to any outfit, accentuating positive facial features.

Every year, there are a number of sunglasses trends and styles that are simply timeless, never going out of fashion and always present on the runways. However, this year is seeing a trend leaning towards bold designs, helping set women apart from the lemming-like crowd.

For women looking for fashion-forward, daring sunglasses accessories, 2013 will not disappoint. In fact, this fashion-friendly year may help redefine women’s sunglasses styles.

One of the latest trends are tall frames, which can range in shape from circular to the provocatively, sexy cat-eye. Rims that are as wide as they are tall are becoming exceptionally popular. In fact, Wayfarer sunglasses are boldly leading this trend in popularity and are sure to be one of the trendiest designs this year.

Colors and patterns are big in clothing this year, so why limit that to fabrics when those designs can be taken one step further with eyeglasses and sunglasses? Colored frames are anticipated to be more popular than monochromic styles. In fact, clear and translucent frames are anticipated to gain in popularity this year, especially when combined with vintage clothing styles.

For athletic, sports-minded, outdoor women on the go, popular trends include flexible, lightweight sunglasses that can be used for all types of daily activities, as well as more rigorous ones, including hiking, walking and running.

Nude colored sunglasses are also gaining in popularity, especially as this season will see more neutral clothing options, including whites, tans, beiges and browns. On the flip side, people looking for eye-popping color will be delighted by the emerald greens, oxblood and multicolored stripes.

Nerdy looking styles are also a popular trend this year. Rounded-shapes, cat-eyed styles, protective safety glasses and highly unique, odd conversation-starting shapes, are the latest trends that are adorning runways this season. An additional popular detail is jeweled eyewear, which lends a special rhinestone sparkle to any outfit and cutouts that are fun, flirty and lend a unique attention to detail.

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