2014 Dinnerware Trends

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Reports are in and experts agree that 2014’s dinnerware trends are going to be exciting and new! While classic wedding china is virtually timeless, there are several ways Americans can spice up their dinnerware while not deviating from tight budgets.

Natural – Embracing earth-friendly natural homemade pieces and colors has never been more popular. Handcrafted plates that feature unique glazes are popping up in showrooms across the U.S. For those looking to invest in a single dinnerware set that can easily accommodate casual and formal dining, consider selecting a set with variegated glazing. Whether it’s selecting a set that contains minerals or colorful natural pigments that are fired at high temperatures, these glazed dinnerware pieces are attractive and long lasting.

Eco-Friendly – More people are beginning to embrace renewable materials that are biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Faux wood charger plates make an excellent alternative to costly wood designs are pair well with nearly any natural dinnerware setting.

Bold and Bright – Neutral colored rooms receive an instant facelift with bright dinnerware. Whether it’s incorporating bright red charger plates, turquoise, lime green or orange, adding splashes of color has never been hotter than it is this year.

Prints – Fun prints are popping up in dinnerware designs everywhere. From bicycle patterns to the classic mustache, popular graphics are excellent for dessert plates. For less trendy prints, polka dots, plaids and chevron prints are an excellent alternative.

Salt – This coveted spice is the latest hot trend to grace fashionable kitchens and dining rooms. Pink Himalayan salt squares are perfect for serving salads, sashimi, sushi and seafood. They heat well in the oven and are exceptionally easy to care for. Unique and sophisticated, salt dinnerware is sure to wow guests.

Classic – Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” is still making a significant impact on 20-somethings. In fact, designers have even created “Twilight” inspired dinnerware, which pays homage to “Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1.” This modern dinnerware style is dominating wedding registries. Simple and contemporary, these asymmetrical shapes are perfect for newlyweds and pair well with glass charger plates.

Pairing dinnerware with room décor is also a popular trend. Home design experts anticipate that the following colors will dominate in 2014: soft pastels, yellow, green, brown, red and even black. Turquoise greens are expected to make a huge splash in 2014, showing up on runaways, in paint color schemes, in home décor and even in classic dinnerware and drinkware designs.


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