2014 Interior Design Trends

With each passing year, interior designers embrace the latest home decorating trends. This year is no exception, as interior designers are embracing a wide range of decors.

Colors – Darker reds and subdued yellows will remain popular this season, with other Spanish and Mexican hues making an appearance. Khaki, teal blue and ethnic earth tones are expected to dominate home interior trends this year. Spring hues will be taupe, sand and sky blues. Neutral-yellow pairs well with grey, sand and taupe. Teal blue looks excellent with spa blue. Khaki is a dominant color and looks spectacular when paired with brighter hues, such as black, brown, sage, cognac, green or water blue. Dark apple red looks good with butterscotch and medium blue.

Patterns – Whether it’s couches, drapes or throw rugs, floral and geometric patterns will dominate the season. Experts warn against using too many patterns in a single room, as this can easily overwhelm spaces. Throws, floral fabrics or delicate slipcovers soften geometric prints. Geometric designs look good with monochromatic color schemes. Patterns are best introduced into soft furnishings, such as curtains, throws, rugs, pillows and cushions. This season’s geometric designs should be softened or displayed with more muted colors. Floral patterns can be used to soften or replace hard angles, giving rooms a warm feel.

Minimalist – Less is still more. This season embraces ergonomic and minimalist-design furniture that focuses on stylish comfort. Rooms should be de-cluttered and focus on practical, luxurious textures. Carved frames for custom mirrors, gilded vintage mirrors, sheepskin rugs, suede office chairs and chrome-legged furniture paired with polished hardwood floors give rooms an excellent sense of style and purpose.

Texture – This season is embracing layered textiles, raw industrial-style metals, soft comfortable fabrics, gilded picture frames, handmade goods, silky curtains, sheepskin rugs, sculptured driftwoods, warm woods and tropical plants. Bathrooms are featuring brass hardware and round mirror details, crackle-glazed tiles and textured tiles. Home office highlight rounded woods with metal and stone accents, finished and distressed wood treatments and soft suede seating.

Kitchens – Dressing up kitchens will be the latest style trend in 2014, as kitchens are decked out in gemstone colors, brass or chrome and unique lighting fixtures. Composite countertop surfaces will include semi-precious stones, malachite and agate.

With 2014 embracing relaxed, open and airy floor plans, homes will see an increase in comfort combined with style. This will create de-cluttered spaces that focus on ergonomic sleekness.

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