Benefits of VoIP Hosted Services

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Many organizations are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to help improve productivity and reduce overall telecommunication costs.


What is a hosted PBX system?

A Hosted PBX system – otherwise known as a Private Branch eXchange – is a digital multi-line telephone system that routes calls to several extensions. Some of these systems are in-house, physically installed within a business and others are maintained and hosted offsite.


The advantages of a hosted PBX, or Cloud PBX, system are numerous and include:


  • Cost-Effective Savings – Hosted systems are far less expensive, not requiring on-site equipment. Additionally, VoIP providers, such as Jive, maintain these systems, helping decrease costs, labor and overall infrastructure expenses.
  • Flexibility – With VoIP hosted systems, new extensions can easily be added and old extensions can easily be removed from the system. Equipment does not require physical alterations, as changes can easily be made directly through Jive or via their online-based program.
  • Scalability – An excellent benefit of hosted PBX systems is that they can easily be downgraded or upgraded to accommodate companies’ needs. If an organization is highly productive, these systems can accommodate higher levels of usage. An added benefit of having a hosted system is that a company will not incur the costs of upgrading to a larger system. Hosted systems are designed to accommodate any number of users.
  • Maintenance – While all telecommunication systems require maintenance, albeit it routine or remedial, hosted VoIP services bear the expense of this costly technical labor. Not only can companies eliminate expensive in-house IT teams that specialize in telephone systems, but also the specialists at Jive are experts in the VoIP field. They are available via telephone, online chat support and email, ensuring that a company never has lengthy downtime and all questions are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Jive is proud of their system and their achievements. They strive to stay up-to-date on technology, as VoIP is a rapid ever-evolving field. Rather than companies budgeting for costly in-house upgrades, bringing in trained experts on new equipment, etc., Jive specializes in seamlessly upgrading their systems. This ensures that businesses are always using the latest technology on the market.


As many businesses have seen over the years, the advent of Internet technology has not only helped increase productivity but has skyrocketed the speed at which information can fluidly be sent back and forth between businesses and consumers. Whereas, advanced technology was once carbon paper copies, today’s technology allows businesses to transmit data and information at the speed of light, ensuring that business productivity is the topmost priority.

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