Benefits of VoIP

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The technology of making telephone calls over the Internet is known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), helping turn regular telephones into Internet telephones. This high-tech method of communication has become a dominant force in the business industry.

Businesses that make the switch to VoIP reap many productive benefits, including:

  • Data Integration – Allowing for full integration, companies can integrate their system software with communication software. For example, if a client calls a business to place an order, VoIP’s caller ID alerts the business’ system, automatically recalling the client’s information, address, preferences, previous orders, payment information, etc. Then when the call is directed to a customer service representative, the information is seamlessly displayed on the computer screen, so the employee can greet the client by name and have access to all the client’s data.
  • Cost Containment – As VoIP technology is not regulated by the government’s Federal Communications Commission, VoIP providers are not required to charge the extensive and often exorbitant taxes and fees charged by traditional telephone communication providers. Additionally, traditional telephone companies require payment for interconnection charges, which occurs when a call is placed to someone outside the telephone companies’ customer base. Fortunately, VoIP does not incur these government regulations and passes the cost-savings directly onto consumers, allowing businesses to save thousands of dollars annually on telecommunication expenses. Unexpected telephone bills and a plethora of unknown fees are now a thing of the past, as VoIP services charge low flat rates per month per user, allowing companies to easily budget telecommunication expenses to the penny.
  • Portability – VoIP systems are extremely portable, making them perfect for satellite locations, remote offices, and employees working from home or employees who frequently travel. A VoIP user must simply log into his/her telephone, have access to a high-speed Internet connection and then he/she can easily receive or make telephone calls. Each employees is assigned their own telephone line, so no matter where he/she is – traveling, on the road, working from a home office – it is easy for clients and customers to call one number and they will always be connected with the employee. This feature is particularly vital for telecommuting professionals, helping further lower businesses’ costs and telecommunications overhead expenses.

Jive is a business VoIP provider that works with business VoIP systems. Striving to provide unparalleled customer service, they help small businesses seamlessly integrate modern technology, including hosted PBX, into their day-to-day operations, ultimately saving companies money and promoting more productive employees.

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