Business News: Benefits of GPS

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Jive is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider, working with VoIP for business – albeit it small businesses, large corporations or enterprise solutions. Always striving to help customers streamline business and save money, Jive offers some valuable business plans that companies can seamlessly integrate into their VoIP telecommunications models.

Helping organize employees and modernize business is Jive’s ultimate goal. Not simply just a business VoIP provider, they strive to help businesses succeed, whether it is cutting the bottom line, boosting profits or simply helping employees increase productivity.

Global Positioning Systems, otherwise known as GPS, can greatly improve employee efficiency. While not every business can benefit from GPS, if a company understands how GPS works, they can use that information to apply it to their basic infrastructure.

What are some of the top reasons a company should incorporate GPS into their business?

  • Control – Trucking companies and delivery service companies can view their entire fleet of trucks in one area, all at one time. Businesses that allow employees to use company vehicles can also track employees’ routes during work hours, ensuring that employees are in the field and not taking advantage of company generosity.
  • Efficiency – Allowing sales people and delivery services to pre-plan routes saves valuable time, as drivers do not need to stop and ask for directions. GPS systems allow pre-planned routes to efficiently track courses and not waste precious moments, highlighting the quickest routes or simply allowing employees to avoid high-traffic areas. In all, GPS systems help boost employee efficiency, even allowing traveling employees to easily navigate around unfamiliar cities and areas.
  • Planning – While businesses cannot plan everything, just preparing a simple GPS route can save valuable time, hence money. With turn-by-turn directions and precise calculated distances, planning a trip also helps put employees more at ease, allowing them to focus on their tasks at hand, instead of worrying about if they should take the next turn.
  • Services – Many companies are taking advantage of GPS research. For example, coupon distributors may use this technology to send coupons to customers that are in close proximity to certain businesses, including restaurants, doctors, gyms, cafes, etc. Additionally, this technology can also be used to identify specific products, events or services. Delivery companies often use GPS systems to accurately give precise date ranges for when packages will be delivered. 

GPS technology may benefit some companies, and may not be the future for other service-related organizations. However, Jive strives to provide the most up-to-date technology advice on the market, helping clients’ balance all their technology needs.

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