Business Solutions: Internet Services to Match Your Demands

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If you want a fast, secure, scalable Internet connection and a reliable service carrier for your business, there are several aspects you need to consider before entering into any agreement with a certain carrier. This will guarantee that you will get an optimal solution that meets your specific business needs. These aspects include, for instance, connection types such as:

-          Analog phone lines also known as dial-ups. These lines support the speed of up to 56 Kbps and require a modem to connect your computer to the Internet when the PC dials a certain phone number. The data is all sent through a public telephone line; therefore, the quality of data transmission is sometimes poor and your options are rather restricted.

-          The DSL connection uses fiber optic lines to connect to the Internet. Unlike analog connections, these lines operate separately from your telephone lines and support the speed of up to 9 Mbps. There are two main types of DSL connections: ADSL (with its data transmission rates of up to 9 Mbps for receiving data and up to 640 Kbps for sending data) and SDSL (supporting up to 3 Mbps for both sending and receiving data).

-          Wireless Internet connection becomes rather popular these days. Unlike other connections, it uses frequency bands of the radio spectrum. The benefit of this type of connection is that you can access the Internet from any location supported by the network provider.

-          T1 lines are mostly used by business owners to connect their company or enterprise to the Internet. These lines are leased from ISPs and support the speed of up to 1.5 Mbps. If you need to connect up to 24 computers to the Internet, a T1 business long distance line will be a good business option, since it can simultaneously work with different channels and transmit data and voice over the Internet.

-          T3 lines are an upgraded version of T1 with the MPLS integrated packages. The supported data rates are up to 45 Mbps with more than 600 separate channels. This type of Internet connection is usually used by larger companies and enterprises.

The next aspect is knowing how much bandwidth is needed. If you have your own servers, an online store, or many employees, you will most likely need a high bandwidth connection; therefore, you should consider the telecommunication lines that have MPLS included. You can lease or build your own line with up to 10,000 Mbps supported.

Furthermore, if you have some critical software used by many people or your employees to share their vital information, consider the provider that can maintain a high level of security.

Another very important factor to think of is how much you can afford to maintain the line. Most major MPLS carriers offer rather affordable solutions with high uptime rates. In most cases, if your offices are located in several places, MPLS will be the best solution as it may reduce significantly your expenses on telecommunication services and ensure that your network works flawlessly and is secure. To reduce costs on building your own infrastructure, you can take advantage of private lines. MPLS Prices has special partnerships with major ISPs ensuring that you get unique, affordable, and secure solutions for all your business needs.

Ethernet networks are also a good way to cut down expenses as they support data transmission and sharing among different computers with minimum costs involved.

With such an abundance of choice, it is not an easy task to choose the solution that will be best. To learn more about your different options, we encourage you to browse through

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