Canada’s Gold and Potash Projects

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A recent news release highlights that Grizzly Discoveries Inc., is currently pursing profitable gold and potash projects in Canada’s Alberta region. A summary of their mining strategy is as follows:

Explore up to 900,000 acres in Alberta, Canada, while targeting a potash deposit that is believed to range from 250 to 500 million tons.
Alberta contains 600,000 acres of diamondiferous kimberlites, which are rocks known for containing diamonds.
Canada’s Alberta region is friendly towards mining companies and has an incentive tax regime.
Four precious metals are located in the B.C. region, including copper, silver and gold.

With dual exposure in both Western and Eastern Canada, Grizzly Discoveries is rapidly picking up pace. Their potash pocket discovery could be extremely lucrative. Potash is manufactured and mined salts that feature water-soluble forms of potassium. While mostly used for fertilizers, potash is believed to be a profitable potential market for Grizzly Discoveries. In fact, claims show that recent drilling results indicate the company has located a 31-percent potash claim.

In the process of generating additional funding, the company is trying to ascertain a separate company for potash claims. This would run congruent to their diamond and precious metal claims. Grizzly Discoveries’ future plans include:

Exploring another 3,500 m of potash drilling between 2013 and 2014.
They estimate from 5,000 to 8,000 m resource definition drilling for 2014 potash production.
For 2014 they are targeting a 43-101-potash resource estimate.
Contingent upon mine funding, Grizzly Discoveries anticipates their future precious metals program, including diamonds, gold, silver and copper will be 5,000 to 6,000 m.

With a strong capital structure, companies such as Grizzly Discoveries are looking to reinvent modern-day mining, attempting to capitalize on an age-old industry.

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