Cold and Flu Prevention

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The U.S. government has released precautionary information that suggests this flu season could be the worst in more than a decade. Dr. Bob Seiler, a natural holistic chiropractor and healer, offers helpful tips for taking control of a cold and/or flu and stopping it dead in its tracks.

Generally, most people begin to feel achy or have a slight tickle in their throat, signs that a virus is beginning to take hold. As soon as these symptoms begin to manifest, Dr. Bob recommends the following:

  • Hydration – Staying hydrated will help reduce stuffy nose and sore throat symptoms.
  • Gargling – Using a salt-water solution, gargling helps reduce inflammation in the throat and clears the mucosal pathways. This can also help flush viruses and bacteria from the body.
  • Saline Nasal Spray – Using this spray may help reduce symptoms. Warm showers can also help clear the nasal passages, further reducing the severity of the cold.
  • Coughs – If someone is suffering from a cough, stirring a couple tablespoons of honey into tea is just as effective as an over-the-counter couch medicine. In fact, honey is healthier and tastes better, too!
  • Rest – If someone can afford to rest and miss work, this is best, as the body is able to better fight viruses if it is well rested. If someone must go into work, it is recommended that he/she frequently wash his/her hands to prevent spreading the virus.
  • Fluids – Water, tea, juice and soups all help ease cold symptoms.
  • Light Activity – If someone is beginning to feel slightly better, a light exercise routine can actually further boost the body’s immune system. Light exercise is defined as a heart rate of slightly fewer than 100. Yoga and callisthenic exercises are excellent exercise routines.
  • Healthy Diet – If feeling under the weather, a dinner high in protein, a whole-grain and vegetables can help improve the body’s immune system. It is important to get a good night’s rest when the body is sick or recovering from an illness.
  • Routine – Keep to the aforementioned routine for several days to ensure the body has adequate time to heal.

Dr. Bob is a Utah chiropractor that aims to treat symptoms and illness through holistic channels. Holistic healing is a unique approach that combines non-traditional healing philosophies that help the body heal and recover from illness without using traditional medications and treatment options. As a Salt Lake City chiropractor, Dr. Bob has extensive experience with holistic wellness and healing.

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