Do It Yourself Wedding Trends

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As the economy remains in a volatile state, more couples are embracing budget-friendly do-it-yourself wedding trends. No longer are brides aimless searching the Internet for futile DIY ideas, as DIY trending remains popular for postings on social media sites such as Pinterest and other DIY resources. Even the customary wedding gift registry is no longer dominated by China place settings and bed linens, but now includes Home Depot, Lowes and even the best selling site Etsy.

In fact, even Walmart has seen an increase in standard sewing kits, which have gone up by as much as 30-percent since the recession rocked the economy. In general, this is pointing towards a society that is embracing DIY trends and ideas, focusing less on buying new and more on budget-conscious motifs.

Even though the poor economy has resulted in lower overall wages, Americans are still spending a significant amount on weddings. The average American wedding now costs approximately $25,631 (per, which equates to a down payment on a starter home of $125,000. While couples still want a memorable big day, more couples are looking at cutting impractical costs from their budgets. Weighing options such as having an event planner or cutting the costs of catered dinners, couples are opting for DIY planning. Additionally, more couples are making their own invitations, helping them add personalization to the wedding process, while still holding in the reigns on tighter budgets.

With DIY tutorials and blogs becoming overnight Internet successes, couples are now able to find abundant resources, ideas and tips for adding personal, DIY touches to wedding ceremonies and receptions. Even Pinterest features wedding ideas that range from handmade floral bouquets, cherished centerpieces and personalized favors.

One thing is for certain, nearly 80-percent of couples claim that they will be incorporating DIY trends into their weddings this year. In fact, the following represents some of the DIY trends in weddings:

– 57-percent of couples plan on making printed items for weddings.
– 25-percent plan on tackling meal-related edible treats.
– 26-percent plan on handling their reception drinks.
– 50-percent anticipate planning DIY wedding d├ęcor.
– 24-percent will address DIY photo and video techniques.
– 49-percent of couples will make their own favors.
– 26-percent will attempt to tackle wedding-related attire and wardrobe.

While more couples are beginning to explore registering for power drills to accommodate home improvement projects, only time will tell if the DIY trend has staying power or is simply popular due to a deflated economy.

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