Exercises for Nerve Issues

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For people that suffer from neuropathy – a painful nerve condition – the effects can range from limiting to completely debilitating. There are medical conditions that can cause neuropathies to develop, including physical injuries and diabetes.

While exercise is extremely important for over-all physical health and mental-wellbeing, there are a number of things for people suffering from neuropathies to keep in mind, which includes:

  • Feet – If someone suffers from foot neuropathies, it is vital that he/she avoids excessive exercise that involves repetitive foot movements. These types of exercises often place a considerable amount of pressure on the foot bed and ultimately too much stress can cause foot ulcers. Healthy exercises include, but are not limited to, bicycling, swimming and rowing. These allow the body to remain physically active without putting undo stress on nerves in the foot area.
  • Heart – When nerve damage affects the blood vessels and heart, many people think this eliminates exercise from daily routines. In fact, it may limit the actual amount of exercise someone can partake in, but it does not altogether eliminate it from one’s life. Strenuous exercises could potentially lead to an increased risk of heart attack, as it can cause a spike in blood pressure. However, speaking with one’s doctor about exercise limitations can be extremely helpful, as he/she can recommend other supplemental activities, including golfing, light walking and pool aerobics.
  • Body Temperature – For people suffering from autonomic nerve damage, the body’s ability to regulate temperature is severely compromised. This means that outdoor activities, such as bicycling, jogging or walking, should be conducted during moderate temperatures, when it is not too warm or cold. It is also important to wear materials that keep the feet dry, to help prevent further discomfort and pain, as well as drinking plenty of fluids to maintain adequate hydration. When the body is well hydrated, it is easier for it to regulate temperatures.


Working with a doctor can help neuropathy suffers ensure they are not causing more nerve damage and are, in fact, maintaining improved health by participating in exercise activities.


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