Five Inexpensive Home Decorating Tips

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With healthcare costs and the unemployment rate steadily rising, expensive home improvement and decor projects are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today’s homeowners and renters want inexpensive, fresh and modern design tips. To give home’s cheap facelifts, consider the following budget-friendly design tips:

Artwork – Artwork is expensive. Homeowners also find it challenging to locate artwork that is the right color scheme and size to accommodate rooms and spaces. An excellent solution is to make your own artwork. While this may be daunting and challenging, for people with artistic ability, this is a great way to add a personal touch to homes. The only items needed to make artwork include a frame, mat and a piece of artwork. Frames can be more expensive, so consider browsing sales or scouring thrift stores for secondhand finds. Artwork can include old calendar pictures, fabric, wallpaper, picture collages, scrapbooking paper, textured paper designs, transparent paper, cutouts and much more.

Children’s Artwork – Whether it’s a mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle, embracing children’s framed artwork has never been more fun. Ask children to create custom design pieces or frame their prized school collages. Children’s artwork makes great conversation pieces when entertaining or throwing parties. An added bonus is that children will love feeling special and seeing their artwork adorn home decor.

Outdoors – Adding pops of color to homes is an essential component to brightening spaces. Bring the outside indoors with freshly cut herbs, a bowl of bright red tomatoes, fresh garden vegetables, a bouquet of frilly hydrangeas or even an arrangement of corkscrew willow branches.

Mirrors – Mirrors make rooms feel bigger, casting light into nooks, crannies and angles. While mirrors can be expensive, consider shopping online for bargain mirrors. The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers a wide selection of wall mirrors, including round mirrors, rectangle mirrors and oval mirrors. With styles that range from antique, contemporary, decorative and ornate to vintage, they have mirrors guaranteed to match any decor.

Do-It-Yourself – Consider taking classes at local home improvement stores for home renovation projects. Whether it’s retiling a kitchen or bathroom floor or repainting walls, do-it-yourself decor saves money and looks fantastic. This is a great way for homeowners and tenants to achieve upscale, modern style without breaking the bank. For inspirational ideas, consider browsing local craft stores, watch do-it-yourself shows or browse Pinterest for stellar, unique and affordable decorating tips.

Style – Determining personal sense of style is important, as this helps home avoid a hodgepodge effect. Homeowners and renters should sit down and consider their likes and dislikes before embarking on a home decor journey.

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