Five Reasons to Consider a Holster

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In a day and age where gun safety is at the center of politics and news media, owning a gun holster has never been more important. The point of a gun holster is to help someone retain control of the weapon. While this is beneficial in the case of a fight, when two people are rolling around and throwing punches, it’s also pertinent for active lifestyles. Consider the following top five reasons to own a gun belt clip.

Active Lifestyles – Whether someone is a jogger, bicycler or runner, when legs are constantly moving and pumping blood, without a gun holster there is a high chance that gun possession may be compromised. No one wants to reach down to his/her hip and realize his/her gun went missing somewhere in the vicinity of Street A and D.

Klutz – For people that are genuine klutzes, it’s not uncommon for hip and knee bruises to appear out of nowhere. This is also a concern in stores that are overcrowded. If people have a habit of unknowingly knocking into shelves or people, guns may become lose. Holstering weapons keeps them safe and out of reach to children.

Couch Potatoes – Open back armchairs are great for watching television and taking an afternoon nap, but they’re also a hazard when it comes to handguns. When people suddenly stand from a seated position in a chair, there’s a high chance that the weapon will become lodged in the seams of no return, joining a collection of coins and dollar bills.

Cars – Getting in an out of car, especially low-rider models, also makes people more susceptible to losing guns. Additionally, having a gun sitting on a car seat is just beginning a thief to break a window, steal the firearm and make a fast getaway.

High Energy – For people that scream high-energy excitement and enjoy tackling adrenaline rushing outdoor adventures, it’s important to keep a handgun in a holster. This prevents slippage and loss, especially when in the great outdoors. After all, no ever anticipates running into a bear, cougar or mountain lion.

Instead of gun owners adding to gun fatalities and accidents, it’s important that they practice gun safety, not just when firing a weapon, but also during firearm handling. When a weapon is safely secured to someone’s hip, it makes it easier to control accidental firings, theft or loss.

When people regularly conceal carry firearms, they often have a weapon on them for protection. In order to serve in a protection role, a gun owner must be ensured that his/her weapon is securely on him/her at all times. Having a well-fitting gun belt clip helps ensure gun safety, helping keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals.

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