Five Website Design Must-Haves

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Utah web design has a direct impact on conversion rates and user experiences.

Quick Loading – Statistics show that nearly 40% of Internet users abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. This means that companies need to focus on fast-loading designs that are attractive and user-friendly.

Web Sales – in 2011 alone, the web directly influenced nearly $1.1 trillion of all retail sales. Whether customers are researching products of searching for the cheapest prices, this statistics shows they turn to the Internet for information before purchasing products.

Content – Having personalized content is essential, as this helps draw customers, which ultimately engages them and promotes more website interaction.

Mobile Sales – Rapidly gaining popularity, mobile sales are responsible for a significant number of online purchases. More than 62% of retailers are embracing responsible web designs or mobile-friendly designs to capture this growing niche market.

Conversions – Businesses’ ultimate goals are to convert web interests into sales.

Adaptivity Pro analyzes SLC web design optimization statistics, listening to consumers’ desires. Among the statistics Adaptivity Pro takes into consider when designing Utah SEO friendly websites are:

More than 45% of mobile users report experiencing difficulty when interacting with mobile websites.
78% of companies want to help improve their customers’ online experiences.
Nearly 70% of modern marketers are using website optimization for conversion opportunities.
Studies show that successful companies have nearly 63% of their content above the websites’ folds, 50% offer a scrolling feature and 63% use only high quality images that appeal to users.
Up to 48% of consumers report that if businesses’ sites aren’t mobile friendly, they interpret this to mean companies’ don’t care about generating conversions or long-term customers.
More than 60% of companies that use mobile-friendly web designs report an increase in sales.
More than 86% of small businesses believe that websites are their single most important marketing tactic.

To help improve overall design and function, companies should avoid non-standard styles that are confusing and overwhelming. Generic labels are off-putting, as are drop down menus. Having too many options, such as a lengthy navigation menu, is also a turn-off to consumers, who are looking for user-friendly, simple designs.

When designing a website, hire an expert that understands the challenges of modern online marketing. Adaptivity Pro works with businesses’ to ensure successful moneymaking designs that appeal to broad consumer bases

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