Funding a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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Doctors (and other medical practitioners) are not healing machines. They are humans that can make mistakes. The sad thing is that when they do, it can hurt their patients and bring damage to their physical (and psychological) health. In fact, in the United States, errors in administering medications have caused injuries and wrongful deaths to over a million people.


The law protects patients who may be hurt because of a doctor’s wilful act or an honest mistake. After all, it is the doctor’s duty to first, do no harm. They are also expected to exercise a certain level of professional care during their interactions with the patients.


A patient who has been a victim of medical malpractice can file a lawsuit against the doctor for his failure to act according to the standards set for their profession. The case will be based on how the doctor’s malpractice has caused damage or injury to the patient. This is not just limited to the physical damages sustained, but also to mental or emotional anguish or lost reputations that come about as a result of the malpractice.


In most cases, malpractice usually covers the following areas:

-          Mistaken diagnosis that resulted in the wrong treatment

-          Errors in the administration of anaesthesia

-          A delay or failure to diagnose a medical condition that is deemed treatable

-          Mistakes or negligence during surgery, including causing the patient to be exposed to infection during surgery and leaving a surgical implement inside the patient’s body during surgery

-          Errors in dispensing medication (such as a nurse dispensing 1,000 mL of medicine instead of 100 mL)

-          Malpractice during a patient’s pregnancy, labor or delivery that caused the death or injury to the child or the mother. For instance, a doctor’s failure to recognize the premature rupture of the membrane in a pregnant woman that caused a birth injury

-          Negligence in the care of a patient in the nursing home


Medical malpractice not only involves doctors. This can also be filed against other health care professionals such as nurses, dentists, anaesthesiologists, psychologists, therapists, chiropractors and even the hospital or clinic in general.


A medical malpractice lawsuit case can actually be complicated –it is not so cut and dried. It does not necessarily mean that because a patient has taken a turn for the worse, the doctor and other medical staff are to blame.


The complainant must be able to establish that:

-          a breach on the level of standard care was committed

-          some individuals involved in the procedure are responsible

-          the malpractice caused a personal injury or death


For the case to be viable there must be a careful review of the case to know who will be considered responsible for the injury or damage you sustained. The case can be complicated in that you may need the testimony of expert witnesses, and the extent of the involvement of the people who were involved in the treatment.


With all these complications, it is highly probable that it may take years for the case to be resolved. And while you’re waiting for the compensation, you will need to get the lawsuit funding available as you meet your daily needs, go to the hospital for treatment or to the occupational therapist for rehabilitation. In the process, you may lose your income (and even your job), as well as suffer loss from other areas (i.e. your inability to do the chores around the house that you used to do). On top of that, you may need to shell out the money for the fees of expert witnesses, attorney’s fees and court fees.


For those who may be living from pay check to pay check (or worse, don’t have a pay check due to the injury you sustained), waiting for the lawsuit to be decided upon and settled may take too much – in effort, time and money. This is when a medical malpractice lawsuit program can help.


Funding for Medical Malpractice can help you get pre-settlement funding for your medical malpractice lawsuit. This is no-recourse funding. Once you are shown to be eligible for the funding, you can receive this money and use it for your needs. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay for the money you received. This means that this is not a loan. A loan is based on your ability to pay (employment records and credit standing), lawsuit funding is based on the merits of your case and your eligibility.


Lawsuit funding will help you negotiate with the other party and wait for the settlement – if this is to your best interests. Often, the damages awarded may be bigger than a settlement offer prior to the case going to court. Being able to wait can actually be in your best interests. is one of the premiere lawsuit funding providers in the Arizona and Nevada areas. We care about providing you with what you need to fund your lawsuit. Contact one of our lawsuit funding representatives today. We will be glad to help you get started on getting the money you need to fund your lawsuit!

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