Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

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In September, Google announced they had revamped their algorithm, Hummingbird. In a statement Google said an update precipitated the latest release and that consumers and businesses should not have noticed the changes.

However, this has left many web developers wondering, “Wait, we did notice something, didn’t we?”

Forum chatter was significant on August 24, September 4 and September 12, with developers specifically asking Google if there had been a recent update. Google denied any updates, but now many are wondering if these issues were a direct correlation to Hummingbird.

With Google’s adamant secrecy, only they can confirm if all this chatter was directly related to updates. However, on the aforementioned dates, the Internet was abuzz with complaints related to ranking shifts. Follow that with Google’s announcement that they completely rewrote their standard algorithm – we’ll leave it to readers to determine if the two are a direct relation.

Without Google’s cooperation to release the dates of the new releases, most businesses and Utah web design firms will not be able to confirm whether the ranking changes were related or if something else was going in the big World Wide Web.

For those people that are unfamiliar with Search Engine Organization (SEO) the following highlights useful trade information:

Search Algorithm – A technical term that is used by Google to crawl through web pages to help determine sources that provide the best information and most relevant search results.

Hummingbird – This is the name of the latest Google algorithm, which Google claims will help produce more efficient, pertinent search results.

PageRank – This is one of 200 components of Hummingbird. Hummingbird is similar to PageRank, helping determine the validity of page links.

Algorithm – The last time Google revamped their algorithm was in 2010, with the “Caffeine Update.”

While the long-term effects of Google’s update are not known, Google claims Hummingbird is a vast improvement and is helping streamline the Google search process.

SEO is far from dead and is, in fact, alive and well. Utah SEO companies, such as Adaptivity Pro, are staying up-to-date with the latest changes.

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