Here’s how I increased my attention span and focus with 38% in less than one month

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Here’s how I increased my attention span and focus with 38% in less than one month

Hi! My name is Mel and I’m 39 years old. I’d like to share my own story because I know it will resonate with you… just read it all the way to the end.

I’m a wife, a mother of two and a project manager at a huge corporation so you can guess how much free time I have for myself…

I’m active 16-18 hours a day and get very little time to rest. It’s not that I’m complaining or anything but after a while the level of stress I’m dealing with is unbearable.

My responsibilities at my job are huge and there’s no mistakes allowed… which is quite difficult while working from home with two children.

Since April my attention span and focus degraded drastically.

I couldn’t focus at my work, even on simple tasks. 

The kids, the lockdown, all the online meeting, everything was so distracting and I had… something close to a mental breakdown.

I was disorganized, easily distracted, un-focused and I felt tired all the time, even after sleeping 8-9 hours, which rarely happened.

I knew I had something to do. I needed to find a solution.

I called my doctor and told him about my symptoms but his advice was to take a break and relax a little.

Now… how do you take a break from being a mom? Exactly…

My psychiatrist said that everyone is feeling the same right now and it’s because of everything going on with the COVID and the lockdown and that things will fall into place once it’s over.

Again, not very helpful.

I realized I was on my own. So I started surfing the internet, looking for solutions.

Meditation, medication, yoga, exercises, anything that could help me regain my focus and my mental clarity before it affected my job.

For hours I read about people who felt the same way and what they did to fix it. But everything appeared too science-fiction to me.

I’m a practical woman and I want practical solutions.

It was after a couple of forums and websites I visited, an ad popped up. Usually I’m annoyed be these ads but this one seemed very interesting.

It didn’t promised anything miraculous, it was natural and it had all the benefits I was looking for and more:

  • Increase brain function
  • Increase processing speed
  • Reduced age-related memory fog
  • Increased energy levels
  • Boosted concentration
  • And much more…

And the reviews about it we’re incredible

I don’t know why but I felt like this dietary supplement was the solution.

Without hesitation I ordered 30 tablets.

They arrived the very next day!

Let me fast-forward my life for you since I took the first pill:

I feel like I have super-powers. I’m focused. I’m efficient and proactive at my job again.

I even have time and energy to play with my children, which they craved for so long.

My husband asked if I bought a time machine, because he hasn’t seen me so driven, focused and energized since my 20s.

If you’re a person who:

  • Sometimes feel tired
  • Lacks energy
  • Lacks focus and attention
  • Or simply you just want a boost

Then you should try out CogniBen.

I truly believe that it will change your life even if it has at least half of the effect it has had on mine.

Here’s the very same link I clicked on when the “annoying” ad popped up:

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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