Hot New Color Trends

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Color forecasters compile information from a wide variety of sources, including housewares, runway information, trade shows, showrooms and magazines. They further analyze this information to produce a report that features what colors will dominate upcoming trends.

This year popular colors are influenced by the economy, looming European war, the housing crisis and an upcoming historic election. While most reports show that people want safe colors, trendy tones include red crimson and acid yellow, projecting that the American public is hopeful about the future.

Neutral-tones dominate major home purchases, including big-ticket items such as sofas, carpets and even automobiles. These colors range from camel to gray, but homeowners seem to be incorporating trendy accents, such as amethyst and neon green.

Chocolate brown is losing popularity and is being replaced by lighter-tone browns, such as cinnamon and mocha hues. Simultaneously, gray is becoming the new neutral and is taking over, with hues ranging from hematite to charcoal and sheens varying from pearlescent to metallic accents.

Green is rapidly gaining in popularity, which many experts contribute to an increase in eco-conscious behavior. This color is showing up on fashion runways to home decor trends.

Blue has become a dominant color choice since 9/11, showing patriotism and soothing comfort. This color commonly pairs with taupe, chocolate and white to vivid pinks.

This season’s home pantone colors include Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, Sand, Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue.

Kitchens are embracing forward colors with splashes of bold, intensities. Darker cabinets are coming back into style, as they compliment popular stainless steel appliances. Bold countertops range from hot pink and fire engine red to chartreuse green tiles. Warm colors feature apricot, red and yellows, which help stimulate appetites.

Natural fabrics are also gaining popularity, which includes using a variety of textures, such as rattan, grass cloth and other nature-inspired hues, such as gray-green, silver blue and tobacco brown. These colors and textures generate interest and depth to rooms.

Colors that are out this season are those that feel sterile or commercial feeling, such as Terracotta and Tuscan.

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