How to Make Money Selling Sunglasses

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For retailers that want to begin carrying sunglasses, it’s best to look at wholesale sunglasses suppliers. Wholesale designer sunglasses offer a good price point for retailers. Wholesale companies offer a wide selection of styles for sale by the dozen. Whether it’s purchasing identical styles in a variety of colors or an array of designs, wholesale suppliers make it easy for retailers to maintain competitive sunglasses pricing.

For example, if a dozen sunglasses are available for $36.00, this leaves the break-even point at $3.00 per pair. Companies can easily charge a minimum of $10 for sunglasses, leaving a significant margin for potential profit.

Retailers have several different platforms they can use for selling sunglasses, whether it’s offline or online. Offline, brick and mortar establishments should consider selling sunglasses near the front of stores, as this helps draw consumers into stores. Online establishments are also successful, provided entrepreneurs consider the following:

Business Name – Once a business name is selected, it’s important that it’s registered with federal, state and municipal governments.

Platform – If selling sunglasses online, a company needs to determine the type of e-commerce platform for customer purchases. There are several different types, including open source, hosted or a hosted shopping cart. Open source is a free program but requires a web hosting service, which charges monthly fees. A hosted platform hosts the website and the platform, but typically charges higher monthly service rates than the aforementioned open source. Hosted shopping carts require a web host for the website, but the checkout is handled by the platform. These have different price options, such as monthly or per sale fees.

Website – Designing a user-friendly website is important, as a complicated, unprofessional website is a turn off for potential customers. An important investment, websites are expensive, but generally give the first impression of a company.

Supplier – Using a supplier that offers cheap wholesale sunglasses is necessary for turning profits. To keep customers coming back time and again, it’s important to offer high-quality products. Companies that offer a variety of colors, designs and brands are ideal.

Location – Finding a safe location to store inventory is vital, as this allows businesses to stock up on merchandise. Storage areas should be dry, clean and odorless. Having a facility that is close by and cost effective is important.

Sunglasses are an extremely lucrative year-round business, provided a successful business plan is followed.

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