How to Throw a Dinner Party on a Budget

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During times of economic woes, people embrace comradery. Family and friends inspire people, giving hope to desolate situations. Fortunately, throwing a lively dinner party for friends and family doesn’t have to be an expensive treat. No matter the budget, people can host warm parties that focus on good food and great conversation.

Invitations – Customizing invitations makes guests feel special, giving spirit to events. Whether it’s handwriting cards or personalizing them on the computer, mailed invitations make people’s days brighter and happier.

Decor – Budget-friendly decor can be as simple as placing glass containers, yard sale lamps and candles at varying heights across a yard. Inexpensive touches can ooh and awe guests.

Flower Alternatives – Instead of splurging on a costly flower bouquet, hosts can select attractive items from their yards. Opt for items that have texture and are interesting. If set on using floral arrangements, consider purchasing flowers in bulk or seasonal bouquets that are less expensive.

Vessels – Mixing and matching glasses and dishware can be fun and attractive. These funky styles can easily be dressed up with linen napkins. Don’t be afraid to shop local flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores or estate sales for one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

Food – Go for menu options that are fresh and in-season. Embrace peasant-based cuisine that includes hearty, rustic French dishes. Many of these dishes include less than 10 ingredients each; meaning they are extremely affordable and focus on high quality, clean ingredients. If a local farmers market is nearby, consult vendors to discuss what ingredients are in season and don’t hesitate to ask for bulk discounts. Inexpensive dishes include decadent quiches, fried Asian dumplings, gourmet and savory popcorns, pork empanadas, homemade pizzas, guacamole or cheese-stuffed hamburgers. Pairing drinks with meals will help satisfy guests and helps to intensify flavors.

Drinks – Many people assume that having alcohol increases dinner party budgets. If sticking with basic, simple food techniques, as discussed above, consider pairing dishes with under-marketed wines. Local wine markets are a wealth of information and can advise hosts how to pair ingredients with wines and can also help with price points. Don’t be afraid to explore wines from different regions, as these can often be less expensive in some areas.

Music – Time to break out the iPod collection of tunes and create a custom playlist! Using the music that hosts already have in their libraries is affordable and creates a fun-filled party atmosphere for guests.

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