Is Climate-controlled Storage for You?

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Climate-controlled self storage can offer some great peace of mind by ensuring that your precious belongings are protected against temperature extremes which can damage them. Climate controlled storage is most useful in areas that have extremely hot or freezing climates, but because they are typically built indoors, also offer protection against precarious weather conditions such as rain or snow, and outdoor pest issues. Even if none of these conditions are a major concern, many people find climate control self storage perfect for the sensitivity and delicacy of some of their belongings.

The temperature in climate control units typically ranges between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The units are maintained at temperatures that most resemble the air inside your own home. Controlled temperatures can protect your storage items from rust, corrosion, cracking, warping, mold, and mildew. Additionally, since climate control units are usually built in enclosed, sometimes insulated buildings, they receive additional protection from flooding, precipitation from outside roofs, dust, and dirt from outdoors, and insect and rodent infestation.

Items that you may consider putting into climate control storage are important documents, artwork, DVDs and CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, leather or wood furniture, books, electronic equipment, photographs, and medical and food supplies. These items are generally all susceptible to the effects of scorching heat and freezing temperatures and temperature-related processes such as thawing after freezing.

These issues may not be a concern for you, especially if you are living in a relatively moderate climate or if you don’t think your storage items are particularly sensitive. On the other hand, you may have some belongings that are really so sensitive or valuable that you want to put them in climate control anyway. Examples are musical instruments, antique furniture, historical documents, memorabilia, and heirlooms.

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