Is the Left Waging War Against Gun Owners?

This is an Advertorial

In an ever-going battle between pro-gun and anti-gun owners, many people are wondering if the social media world is feeding a blitz of leftist propaganda. Is the left, in fact, waging an all-out war on gun ownership cultures?

Is there in fact anything wrong with owning guns? Don’t guns go hand in hand with farmers’, meat and potato diets, hunters, truck drivers, veterans, soldiers, law enforcement, construction workers and even firefighters? These jobs require advanced skills and survival knowledge. Most of these people have vital military experience, which gives them an edge in the real world. Does this make them a natural target for leftist extremists that are anti survival and believe that guns kill people, instead of people killing people?

As leftists point out, we no longer live in a world where survival skills are necessary. In fact, grocery stores supply meat, dairy, bread and all the food goods necessary to survive. This leads anti-gun activists to state that owning guns is outdated and illogical, as it is not a necessary component of daily survival.

We can start with that argument, but most people that are mocking NRA members are leftists. While some anti-gun activists simply call for safer gun safety regulations, others do not hide their declarations that all guns should be banned and the NRA should fail to be a legal organization.

Changing the current gun culture takes significant work, but the liberal media is intent on trying to popularize the negativity of guns, while pointing out the positive benefits of having gun bans. Are these journalists self-serving their own agendas instead of simply reporting the truth? Instead of trying to drastically change American culture, perhaps anti-gun activists would be better off taking a more productive approach, one that finds a common middle ground that appeals to both pro- and anti-gun groups.

Having a tolerance for diversity is important in today’s culture. Intolerance simply turns people off and gives them a negative view of bias agendas. Instead of changing cultures, consider becoming advocates for causes that are not off-putting or manipulating, citing alternate agendas that are turn offs to the public.

Most gun owners look at gun ownership as a sense of pride. They take pride in exercising their constitutional rights and being able to protect their families from criminals. Instead of ridiculing these rights, progressives and leftists would be better off offering a middle ground that acknowledges both parties feelings on gun-related matters.

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