Just grab and run or shop around?

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Only you can answer this question.  When shopping are a grab and run kind of person or do you have to shop around for the best price?  I am sure no matter what type you are you will feel it is the best approach – and you are right.

I am definitely a shop around kind of person.  My mom was raised looking at clearance racks – I don’t even think she knows there are other shelves in the store that have full priced items on them, they are invisible to her.  In actuality if she is forced to look at full priced items she collapses and becomes non functioning.  She could see a bargain/clearance from clear across the mall and find gems that basically cost peanuts compared to full price.  It’s in her blood, and good or bad I probably picked up a bit of this madness.

Now my dad on the other hand is a grab and run kind of guy, if he needs something he buys the first one he finds usually – doesn’t matter the price in fact I don’t think he can even see the price.  He has trained himself to not even look at the receipt, or the cash register – he just slides the card and runs.  Now that might sound like a bad thing but he somehow balances his inflows and outflows and still does just fine even though he doesn’t price shop.  Opposites attract and somehow my mom and dad balance each other out.

Well in the pin world there are both types of people – Pinpros sees them both.  For the grab and run kind of lapel pin buyer all that matters is Pinpros is the first company on Google search – I guess if you are reading this article you found us so we are in good shape.  If you are the shop around kind of person then we have to do a little more work.  But I can tell you that Pinpros has purposely tried to be the low price custom lapel supplier on the internet.  We frequently review the top 5 companies on google search and make sure that we have the lowest price.  You can check out our research at http://www.pinpros.com/Best-Prices.

Happy shopping!  Now you know that whichever type of buyer you are – Pinpros will take care of either one of you on price.

I Am A Pin PRO… Or Not.  By Pin Girl –  a unique approach:  I am by no means a pin expert.  The most I know about pins is that I do not necessarily like to make them, and that I am addicted to Pinterest.  I am a novice, a unique approach.  I am here to give you another perspective into the world of custom lapel pins.  No formal definitions.  No sales pitches.  No long, boring descriptions.  Just one girl writing about the world of custom pins from her view.  Welcome to my world.  To see previous posts just click on the months on the right side of the blog — You never know what you might find.

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