Kiosks Ease Hospital Registrations

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In the midst of a medical revolution, more U.S. doctors and medical facilities are incorporating interactive kiosks. Designed to allow patients the ability for advanced self-service, these kiosks are perfect for emergency rooms and hospitals. This convenient healthcare kiosk service is ideal for self check-in and collecting co-payments. This helps hospital staff focus more efforts on complicated patient registrations and payments.

While many hospitals had difficulties implementing advanced electronic medical records, touch screen kiosks are easy to incorporate into medical environments. With minimal upfront costs, kiosks can be wall-mounted or freestanding or even placed on countertops. Perfect for hospitals, this healthcare kiosk service can also reach a wide patient demographic, as it can easily accommodate language translations.

This comprehensive healthcare tablet software also allows patients to sign online HIPAA forms, as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Patients, making it easier for triage departments to rapidly assist with emergencies, can easily input medical information, such as conditions and medications.

Outpatient forms can be scanned, emailed to patients and digitally signed, allowing hospitals to keep accurate electronic records that can be forwarded to primary care providers or other medical professionals, as deemed necessary by on call physicians.

Kiosks can also help increase overall patient satisfaction by offering more privacy, exceptional convenience and even help reduce waiting times, which are often a significant source of frustration in hospitals and emergency rooms.

Hospitals also report operational benefits when incorporating medical kiosk software into their daily operations and routines. Helping record and report accurate demographic data, patient diseases, conditions and diagnoses can better be tracked, which also helps aid hospitals when applying for federal grants.

Currently, it is estimated that less than 10-percent of hospitals have implemented these valuable medical kiosks, but with early reports showing nothing but positive trends, it is expected that more medical facilities and hospitals will readily adopt this modern technology.

To highlight percentages at a glance, those hospitals that do use kiosks report using them for the following functions:

13-percent for directions
5-percent for check-in and pre-registration services
4-percent for bill payments
4-percent for updating insurance information
3-percent for scheduling appointment

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