Living With Air Pollution Is Just As Bad As Living With Cigarette Smokers! Find Out How to Fix It

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Living With Air Pollution Is Just As Bad As Living With Cigarette Smokers! Find Out How to Fix It

Living With Air Pollution Is As Harmful As Cigarette Smoke. Save Your Family With This!

Living with cigarette smokers isn’t an ideal scene for many. Cigarette smoke is smelly, toxic, and downright impossible to tolerate for asthma sufferers, not to mention deadly! While most of us in this day and age have become privy to the harmful effects of tobacco, there is a “new” villain that’s come to wreak havoc on lung health— air pollution.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s director-general, warns that air pollution is “the new tobacco” in his statement:

“The world has turned the corner on tobacco. Now it must do the same for the ‘new tobacco’— the toxic air that billions breathe every day.  No one, rich or poor, can escape air pollution. It is a silent public health emergency.”

Now just how harmful is it? Disgustingly, so. In a cohort study conducted from 2000–2018, researchers found that long-term exposure to marginally elevated levels of air pollution can be correlated to the accelerated development of lung damage. This same study discovered that an average of 3 parts per billion long-term exposure to O3 (ozone), was heavily associated with the increased progression of emphysema over 10 years by up to 0.18 percentage points. An increase equivalent to 29 pack-years or 3 years of aging.

Although this study is an excellent analysis of how ozone, varying oxides of nitrogen, black carbon, and PM 2.5 affect lung health, it doesn’t cover pollutants known as VOCs. 

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are gas emissions from varying chemical sources.  Hundreds of items found in homes emit harmful VOCs including furniture pieces, aerosol sprays, carpets, hobby supplies, laptops…etc. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that 188 VOCs found within the home are hazardous air pollutants and concentration levels are up to 10X higher indoors than outdoors!

VOCs have also been recognized by the EPA as sources for potentially short and long-term health ailments, ranging from eyes, nose, and throat irritation to more serious issues like liver damage and, in extreme cases, cancer. The most susceptible to these types of complications being allergy and asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children, and elderly adults. 

Unfortunately, children are devastatingly vulnerable to the harmful complications from VOCs. In fact, a Swedish study conducted in 2010 found children exposed to VOCs in their bedroom were 50% more likely to contract asthma.
So what can we do to protect ourselves, families, and businesses? The solution is as simple as Airocide, a high-tech air purifier proven to inactivate VOCs.

Unlike the standard HEPA filters found in AC units and vacuums, which aren’t capable of removing VOCs from the air; Airocide uses advanced NASA technology to pull in and inactivate these harmful air pollutants. It kills mold spores, bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, and VOCs in order to purify and create a safe and healthy bubble for you and your family to relax in. 
In fact Airocide is so successful, one user, a mom named Julie, claims her son’s recovery time from asthma flare ups was cut in half after installing Airocide in his bedroom. And another mom, Irene, declares how effective it was at improving her son’s allergy and asthma symptoms in her statement:

Airocide was the easiest solution we’ve ever had to use to improve [our son’s] health. It started to help him right away. Airocide really works. It does everything it says it’s going to do.

Airocide inavtivates airborne pathogens to eliminate allergy symptoms, help asthma sufferers breathe better, and improve the quality of living for families everywhere. To learn more about how Airocide can save your family from the harmful effects of “the new tobacco” visit

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