Matching Sunglasses to Outfits

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A fashion-forward approach to matching outfits this season involves color-coordinating eyewear and wholesale sunglasses accessories with clothing and outfits. To help determine what styles best suit each person’s needs, consider following this systematic guide.

Clothes – Take a good look at clothes – are closets full of primary colors, earth tones or soft pastels? This gives an excellent starting point for discovering what hues work best with current wardrobe schemes.
Personality – Closely inventory clothes. Do they error on the side of whimsical, funky and artistic or do they reflect traditional, classic pieces. For people that have clothes that blend and do not stand out, selecting a pair of sunglasses that appears minimal against facial features and contours may be a good option.
Trends – For fashionistas that follow every fashion trend, consider looking at the season’s latest colors and styles. If looking for a more traditional, contemporary look that will remain stylish well into the future, browse conservative, muted-tone styles.
Color Wheel – The color wheel highlights primary colors and then further expands to include secondary and contrasting tones. This wheel can help harmonize any outfit or makeup colors.

Analogous Colors – Choose colors that border the color of choice. For example, if choosing red, pink and orange will both blend.
Complimentary Colors – Choose colors that appear opposite one another on the chart, such as purple and yellow.

Occasions – Consider having special occasion sunglasses and regular everyday styles. This allows people to have a fancy pair that looks stunning with decorated accents and details, while opting for a casual, everyday style that blends with most clothes.
Tint – Select a wholesale sunglasses tint that best compliments your skin tone and sense of style. For example, people that prefer gold jewelry may opt for aviator-style sunglasses that reflect gold metal accents.
Accessories – While matching designer wholesale sunglasses directly to clothing is acceptable, it is also important to consider accessories. Look into the mirror and consider jewelry, scarves and hair accessories. It is particularly important to not wear accessories that overwhelm or underwhelm sunglasses. Metallic frames seem to be the most preferable and versatile for making a minimal statement, pairing well with a variety of jewelry and outfits.
Dark Neutrals – Instead of only wearing dark-color frames with spring pastel colors, mix and match with lighter-tone sunglasses, such as those highlighting gray, power blue or beige. This will immediately liven up any outfit.
Rimless – For the adventurer that desires a single pair of sunglasses to match all styles and outfits, opt for a rimless bulk sunglasses design that expertly blends with a wide range of colors, outfits and future styles.


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