Modern Home Design Trends

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Today’s modern-day home design trends are not only fashionable, but also functional. Long gone are the shag green carpets of the 1970s, as this contemporary era is embracing big, bold designs that combine intelligent styles with forward designs.

Outdoors and Indoors – Whether it’s adding an outdoor kitchen or bringing the outdoors inside, today’s architects and home designers are creating stylish, jaw-dropping motifs that are sure to impress future generations. Oversized river rock fireplaces embrace moss covered shelves and mantles, live ferns and inviting blue-sky ceilings.

Ethnic – Designers are embracing eclectic, ethnic prints that are vivid, colorful and texturally appealing. These designs are popping up on pillows and area rugs.

Beige – Banishing beige, this safe color is being replaced by gray tones.

Brass – Poor quality brass looks tasteless, but high-quality designs mimic the look of copper, which is exquisite. These elegant styles are rapidly gaining in popularity as brass bathtubs, sinks, lamps and other ornamental designs take center stage.

Corduroy – Just as fashion designers are embracing the return of corduroy, so too are home decorators. This material is an excellent alternative to traditional, elegant velvet.

Fiber-Art – Fiber-art is a creative artwork niche that is texturally appealing and is an affordable alternative to fine art.

Floral – Unlike the stuffy Victorian designs of yesteryear, today’s styles are popping up in a variety of patterns, colors and styles, which makes them visually appealing and interesting.

Upscale Glamour – Instead of creating a sterile environment, today’s walls highlight texture, color, character and mood. Adding a touch of bold, vivid colors or even subdued, classy metallic tones gives rooms an attractive, upscale touch.

Accents – Bright, lively colors are dominating home design showrooms, with a wide selection of turquoise, red, yellow and natural hues dominating new home trends.

Woods – Darker woods are being replaced with light wood tones, such as light cherry or oak. This trend has stay power, as it’s rapidly been gaining momentum with new homebuilders over the last five years.

Blue – Versatile, lively and relaxing, this trifecta-style color hue is popular this season. Tones encompass azure, teal, beryl, sapphire, cobalt, navy and turquoise. Designers recommend using blue tones for couches, cupboards, cushions, walls, ottomans, bedding and other home accessories.

Black and White – Softer hues of black and white are popping up this season, which features a Parisian twist. This timeless trend is expected to have significant staying power in the years to come.

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