Modern Museums Embrace Kiosk Technology

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Globally, museums are embracing the latest kiosk technology, incorporating tablet enclosures into a variety of exhibits. Museums that embrace modern technology are more apt to draw repeat visitors, helping increase donations.

The following highlights some ways that museums are incorporating touch screen kiosks into exhibits:

Prints and Reproductions – There is no better way to boost museum sales than to strategically place kiosks next to fanciful works of art, which compels museum goers to purchase productions from affiliated vendors. Museum displays are designed to captivate and appeal to audiences. This allows for impulse purchases, as viewing original artwork is primarily an emotional experience. Some museums are even using print-on-demand software that allows visitors to view artwork, select matting and frame options, leaving museums with custom-framed prints.

Interaction Interactive kiosks allow visitors to explore exhibits. Whether it’s learning more about ancient dinosaurs, how the Native Americans lived or the formation of geologic wonders, these touch screens are perfect for adults and children alike. Some exhibits provide an even more interactive experience, allowing visitors to email information, which is especially useful for ecology actions or donation requests.

Drawing Tools – Modern art museums tap into the artistic soul of amateurs. Allowing visitors to embrace their inner artistic talents, museums can highlight exhibits that include interactive drawing tools.

Displays – Many museums do not have the necessary square footage to display entire collections at a single time. With many museums regularly rotating exhibits, kiosks that focus on inventory can highlight a museum’s entire collection gallery.

Historic Information – Many historical museums, especially those that feature modern-day exhibits, may wish to offer news stories and highlights. Visitors can easily engage kiosks to play historic television footage or display slideshows of significant historic photos.

Genealogy – Many historic venues are incorporating kiosks that allow visitors to search for soldiers that were stationed at forts during the Civil War, view census records and even access photos.

Music – An integral part of many exhibits, especially those related to music or band memorabilia, kiosks can tune in and play famous songs, helping visitors put names, faces and tunes together.

Sounds – Many animal museums offer interactive kiosks that highlight the different sounds and cries of animals. This can include the underwater cries of whales, an elk’s mating bugle or the heart-pounding roar of a mighty Grizzly Bear.

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