Nerve Damage Symptoms

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People suffering from neuropathies often experience intense pain that ranges from life changing to completely debilitating. Understanding the symptoms associated with nerve damage is extremely important, as these are signs that someone should seek medical treatment.


The nerves are similar to telephone lines, carrying and transmitting vital signals. Nerves help carry messages directly from the brain to other bodily organs, muscles and glands. Nerves then relay messages from these bodily organs back to the brain. Nerve damage affects the organs that the nerve equips, reducing communication abilities. Nerve damage can also result from the body’s inability to send this sensory input information back to the brain.


  • Pain – This is the body’s way of telling someone there is something wrong. In effect, something is malfunctioning. Doctors can determine pain origination by understanding pain patterns. For example, radial nerve damage often results in pain on the back of the hand and in the fingers closest to the thumb.
  • Weakness – As nerves carry little ticking impulses to the brain that tells the body’s muscles to move, weakness can be a sign associated with nerve impairment. The body’s skeletal muscles are controlled voluntarily and primarily rely on locomotor skills. For example, femoral nerve damage often results in difficultly climbing stairs.
  • Autonomic Dysfunction – Damage that occurs to the nerves that control involuntary body functions can result in vision, blood pressure and digestion issues. As these types of muscles are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, they help move food through the body’s digestive track; smooth muscles to make them contract properly; and help control nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, impotence and abdominal bloating. The cardiovascular system can also be affected by nerve damage, causing symptoms ranging from irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and low blood pressure to slow or rapid heart rate.


Additionally, back nerve damage can result in pain, muscle weakness numbness and tingling. However, many people do not realize that back pain can also cause Cauda Equina, a syndrome associated with back nerve pain, which can cause issues relating to bladder and bowel control, as well as sexual function.


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