New Flash: Causes of Eye Cancer

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As eye cancer levels increase, many people are wondering what environmental and genetic factors play a role in the development of these forms of visual cancer. Even though people have significant risk factors, doesn’t mean they will necessarily develop eye-related diseases. However, being aware of these factors may help avoid harmful exposure and increase healthy lifestyle choices.

The following are risk factors associated with Intraocular melanoma, one of the most common forms of eye cancer:

Race/Ethnicity – Caucasians are at a substantially higher risk of developing eye cancer. This is also true of cancer risks, such as melanomas. Eye melanomas tend to follow a similar pattern of risk association.

Age – Most common in people over the age of 50, these forms of cancer rarely occur or develop in children.

Gender – Both women and men are equally susceptible to developing these forms of cancer.

Eye/Iris Color – People with light colored eyes have a higher risk of developing intraocular melanoma. This includes people with grey, blue or green eyes. While the reason for this development is unknown, some assessments believe it is associated with lighter skin tones.

Sun Exposure – Excess exposure to UV rays, via tanning beds or sun, can increase the risks of developing melanomas.

Hereditary – People who suffer from dysplastic nevus syndrome have higher risks of developing eye melanomas. In fact, people with this disease have more than 100 abnormally shaped moles over their bodies, giving them a higher risk of developing eye melanomas. This may be inherited and can also run in some families.

Hazards – Occupational hazards, such as those associated with fishermen, farmers, chemical workers, welders or laundry workers are often thought to have higher chances of developing eye cancer.

Suppressed Immune Syndrome – As with most cancers, people with suppressed immune systems have a higher chance of developing eye lymphoma.

HPV – This may cause squamous cell carcinoma in the eyes.

Kaposi Sarcoma – People suffering from AIDS or HIV may develop rare kaposi sarcoma.

Children – Affecting young children, retinoblastoma is a cancer that is caused by a faulty, hereditary gene.

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