oIP: Texting from the Cloud

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As texting becomes more popular in the business industry – a short version of email that is available nearly anytime and anywhere – more companies find themselves relying on this versatile technology for day-to-day operations.

As the younger generation, more experienced with today’s technology, enters the workforce, so too do their habits and methods of communication. Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 years old average approximately 88 texts per day, compared to a mere 17 phone calls.

It’s not entirely unpredictable that business changes to suit the times. For example, more than a century ago, many businesses used hand written letters to thank customers. Eventually these necessary communications evolved into landline telephone calls, emails, cell phone calls, Internet inquiries and now text messages.

What many businesses are learning is that there is software that allows employees to text over telephones and Smartphones, using only an Internet connection. This is extremely helpful when considering that some cellular phone plans can charge an untidy sum for text messages. Eventually those 88 texts messages per day will add up. A number of VoIP business companies are looking into incorporating SMS (text) messages seamlessly with current plans.

Studies also currently show that more than 79-percent of employees use their personal cell phones to place work-related text messages. What type of information do employees share when texting?

  • Texting makes communicating with co-workers, when someone is traveling or out in the field, a breeze. In-office employees can text telephone numbers of customers, directions, supplier data and statistics on products when an associate is out of the office.
  • Departments can easily send intra-office texts.
  • Texts can be received via PCs, Smartphones, tablets and traditional cell phones.
  • Some texting software allows all calls, texts and fax messages to be logged in one single location.

This “cloud” based tool fits in perfectly with today’s modern technology. Jive, a leader in the innovative business VoIP industry, strives to help companies save money by switching to VoIP phone systems. These phone systems utilize Internet capabilities to package voice data, helping save companies thousands of dollars annually.

Just as phone systems for small businesses have evolved over the last decade, so too will our current form of customer communication. An ever changing and evolving industry, technology never ceases to add a sense of wonder and excitement to business operations.

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