Parents are Surprised by what this toy can do

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Parents are Surprised by what this toy can do

Think back to your childhood years for a moment. Remember that special fuzzy friend you loved? A cuddly friend that you needed when you went on a family trip? Or that you couldn’t go to bed if they weren’t by your side? Turns out modern day children aren’t so different. Even today, kids will still gravitate to their stuffed animals when the wifi is down or the tablet is dead on the road. We’re going to take a look at why these simple toys are still the favorite go-to even in today’s world.

Who still plays with stuffed animals?

There has been a lot of research to understand what a stuffed animal has that kids love so much. The answers are not only a great insight to how children develop, but can also help you pick out the best stuffed animal for your child. 

Teddy bears have been engineered to bring out the desire in the human brain to cuddle. Their facial features and dimensions are designed specifically to make this part of the brain activate. Studies have shown that kids who grow attached to inanimate objects overwhelmingly grow attached to teddy bears or similar stuffed animals over blankets or other toys. Once the friendly face triggers the desire to hug and cuddle, the child is also met with a sense of comfort from the softness of the toy.

Stuffed animals are more than just a friendly face. They are a multi-sensory experience for children. They come in different exciting colors they can choose from. Kids can get one of their favorite animals, or any creature (like unicorns)! They are soft and cuddly, making them pleasing to touch and hug. The touch of a plastic toy doesn’t come close to the comfort of a soft stuffed animal. In fact, one toy has figured out how to improve upon this aspect, making it the new favorite of children everywhere over traditional teddy bears or stuffed animals. Here are some traditional toys and reasons why they are quickly being replaced with a new favorite.

Traditional Stuffed Animals:

Traditional stuffed animals, like a classic teddy bear, is the classic toy everybody knows and likely had at one point. These are nice because they offer a cuddly fury friend for your child, but don’t come without their fair share of problems. They are often made cheap, and as a result are not the highest quality. Over time, the animals start to go flat and lose their charm. Additionally they can start to fray, and pieces like plastic eyes can become detached. Then you end up having to buy another one, which cancels out any money saved from its lower price tag. Unlike modern stuffed animals, traditional ones cannot be heated, which is an increasingly popular feature of new stuffed animals.

Average Heated Stuffed Animals:

There is an increasingly popular trend of stuffed animal toys that can be heated like a heating pad, which improves the sensory experience and comfort of the children when playing with the toy. Great for when your child feels a little under the weather. However, most still have noticeable flaws. Some are still made with plastic pieces (for eyes or other decorations) that will melt when placed in the microwave. Often these toys are also filled with either dried rice or beans, as they absorb heat fairly well. The problem with this is that these ingredients grow mold over time, which can lead to your child getting sick. Luckily, there is one company that has taken all the traditional aspects of stuffed animals that kids love, and perfected the heating element that other companies have yet to get right.

Thermal-Aid Heated Stuffed Animals, The New Favorite:

Juno The Unicorn from Thermal-Aid has been surprising parents by how much their kids love it! This toy is extra friendly and fun, but the secret comes back to the sensory experience. 

Warmth and heat provides us with a soothing comfort. It’s why we enjoy hot showers. It’s why we go for hot chocolate on a cold day over iced tea. Well Juno The Unicorn brings the soothing comfort of heat to improve all the comforting feelings a child desires from a stuffed animal.

Thermal-Aid is made with a special type of corn that not only retains heat better than rice or beans, but also won’t grow mold over time like other heated toys. The safest option for your child! With just a short time in the microwave, Juno will stay heated for up to 90 minutes. Your kid can play with Juno all day, and when they go for a hug, they are met with an extra sense of comfort and safety! Thanks to the warmth the toy provides. Kids have never been so happy for bedtime. That’s because they can snuggle with their warm best friend. As an added bonus, it can be used as a heating pad if your child is ever sore or under the weather. Thermal-Aid has certainly figured out how to keep kids loving stuffed animals, even when surrounded by all sorts of fancy technology. For children, nothing beats the warm comfort of a soft best friend. When it comes to stuffed animals, there are a lot of choices out there, but there is only one Juno.

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