Picture Frames and Interior Design: Looking at The Latest Trends

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Do you feel that your rooms need a fresh, new look? If all you want is a simple touch-up rather than a room overhaul, changing some design elements such as your picture frames may do the trick. Take in the latest trends in interior design and choose what catches your fancy.

A Snow White Spring. The latest spring fashion predominantly used snow white as its base. You do not have to say goodbye to your vintage picture frames. Rather, get your DIY apron on and paint it a stark white. Set this white off with a bright-colored mat such as red, fuchsia pink or turquoise. Since spring fashion sported bright pastels with a predominantly stark white base, you can also look at how colors such as baby blue, radiant orchid, violet tulip or mint green can work with your picture frame. One thing to remember, though, is to use stark white sparingly, as an accent. When considering the color of the matting, look at the predominant color in the photo and choose a complementary color for this for the color of the matting.

Spring-colored walls. Another approach to Spring 2014’s popular colors is to paint your walls with it, using picture frames as bold black and white accents. The tranquil Placid Blue, the high energy of Cayenne or Hemlock, which evokes the color of springtime foliage, can all make wonderful wall colors.

Light and breezy. Consider picture frames crafted in wood and that come in lighter and more natural finishes. The light colors of the molding can help widen your photos. This can match an emerging trend of using lighter woods for furniture and fixtures for that relaxed or rustic vibe.

Going metal. Specifically, brass. Brass exudes a certain warmth that other types of metals don’t and thus gives a warm vibe to your décor. Rather than going for bright, shiny metals, look for those with a softer finish. You can have metal or wooden frames with a brassy finish. A brass picture frame, with its antique patina, can help complete your vintage look. The same goes for mirrors framed in brass.

Simple and minimal. If you are planning to add bold, abstract art to a room or a photo with a strong subject, keep your frames simple – with clean, classic lines. Metal picture frames work best for this look. A simple and minimalistic picture frame can also create less visual “clutter” that you need to match with the other decorative elements in the room. Simple frames and minimalistic décor enable you to create the maximum visual impact with minimal effort.

3D Pictures. With the launching of 3D printing, you can think about getting into the bandwagon by considering 3D printouts and artwork in shadow box frames and acrylic domes. The shadow box frames allow a “top” view of the printout while acrylic domes allow viewers to enjoy the 3D photo or artwork not just from the top, but for all its sides.

Framed TVs. Turn your flatscreen TV into a dynamic work of art by placing it inside a classic wooden frame. This allows the presence of this modern appliance in a room which aims to sport a classic or vintage feel.

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