Pinterest is a Prepping Paradise

This is an Advertorial

Pinterest is a growing trend, made popular by women looking to share fashion, style, accessories and recipes. However, today’s Pinterest has been reinvented and is attracting more men than ever before. Why is this trend dominating? More men are turning to Pinterest and sharing their survival prepping ideas.

Pinterest is a unique social media-sharing tool that allows people to create project boards. Studies show that more men are joining this estrogen-dominated service to learn about self-feeding battery storage units, preparedness storage tips and even vintage moonshine stills.

Whether men are looking for zombie survival tips, automotive repair tips or guides to must-have pocket knives, Pinterest is serving as a social media vessel for testosterone-driven men across the world.

Men can easily share trophy moose or bull elk pictures, as well as highlighting survival skills, homesteading, do-it-yourself repairs, hunting and fishing tools, pioneer skills, bushcrafting, tools and even guns.

Allowing men a single location to store all their prepping finds, Pinterest is easy to use and offers quick visual references, which is proven to rate higher than traditional search engines that require non-visual search methods.

Whether men are looking for a must-have survival prep list, complete with necessary weapons, food supplies, water storage, home safety or survival hunting techniques, Pinterest offers an array of information.

Some Pinterest sites even focus on Survival at Home, which includes valuable skills that all preppers should fluently know, including:

How to build shelters
Water purification and procurement methods
Food procurement and preparation methods
First aid
How to start fires
Necessary interpersonal communication skills
Import self-defense techniques

Giving people opportunities to meet and share information on open forums, Pinterest makes it easy for members to follow other pins and boards.

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