Planning a Fall Wedding with a Sand Ceremony

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There’s not a soul who could dispute the glorious beauty of an American fall. At this time of year, the color changes that occur to mark nature’s preparation for a long slumber reveal rich, deep, vibrant hues. Brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, browns and purples of leaves and trees are a sight for sore eyes, and irresistibly charming to the heart. An autumn wedding is a lovely idea.

Fall is one of the most popular times for a wedding, with August, September, and October being some of the most popular months for weddings in recent trends. The landscapes in fall create a charming backdrop to your wedding scene, capable of evoking in people moods of tenderness, warmth, togetherness, and gentle reflection. These emotive opportunities will help leave a lasting impression on your wedding party.

Autumn weather is an important consideration in a fall wedding. The temperate climate during this time of year make it very suitable for most, with the lack of extremities like the hot sun or humidity of summer, and the chill and frost of winter. A typical fall day can be moderately warm or gently cool in the daytime, with temperatures dropping to lower degrees in the evening and night.

Make sure your guests are kept comfortable and warm in those evening hours! Remind them to dress appropriately – perhaps using layers, or carrying light covers such as shawls or sweaters for those possible drops in temperature. For the evening, make sure your indoor reception venue is properly warmed with heaters. For outdoors, consider a tent or other cover. In any event, definitely use the challenge of those cooler evenings to the advantage of your autumn theme by considering toasty venues that may include fireplaces or allow for fire pits.

Decorative ideas for an autumn-themed wedding are extremely diverse, and more so than one might think. You are not limited to pumpkins and fall leaves as your wedding décor. Using all the available mediums of your wedding for decoration – your cake, wedding attire, reception menu, theme colors, wedding flowers, favors, and wedding sand – you have many avenues to add dimension and creativity to your fall theme.

Consider for example a reception menu filled with rich, seasonal favorites like variations of apple and pumpkin pies, apple cider, or roasted chestnut. Whether stews, soups or chicken casseroles, your wedding recipes can reflect the autumn mood. Common fall meal ingredients include turnips, parsnips, pumpkins, winter squash, pears, and pomegranates that can be added in a fancy twist to several delicate and delicious autumn entrees, appetizers, and desserts.

Using the pallet of the changing fall leaves as a reference, some classic fall color schemes include reds, oranges purples, and browns. Nevertheless, be inspired by the natural and often surprising diversity of leaf colors by extending the tones and depths of these standard colors. Instead of true red for example, consider carnelian, maroon, or berry. Rather than purple, go with deep plums or lavender. Yellow or orange can include gold, tangerine, or rustic red-orange. Browns can include rich color ranging from red-rich to deep chocolate. Greens add life, from a delightful and bright apple green to a stabilizing olive green. Create truly resonant combinations like pink with brown, or a delightful mix like a traditional “white” wedding with a gentle touch of a chosen color, like chocolate or lavender.

Your wedding color theme can be complemented in almost every area of your wedding, from venue decoration and cake, to bridesmaid dresses and wedding sand. Wedding sand today includes a range of options and combinations. Some couples like to choose colors based on their significance or meaning, but wedding sand color can easily reflect or complement your wedding color scheme.

A unity sand ceremony kit can easily incorporate the rich, vibrancy of your autumn theme. Combinations of colors are truly endless. For fall, Sandsational Sparkle unity sand ceremony kits have color scheme combinations like apple and ivory, pink chiffon and dark chocolate, and emerald and gold, or you can create your own lovely combinations. Combinations can remain simple with two colors representing bride and groom, or can be complexly beautiful with several colors for each participating party including wedded couple, children, parents, other family members, or close friends.

Wedding foliage for a fall wedding can seem to present a challenge, but in actuality include plenty of delightful and alternative ideas from the typical carnations or roses of classic weddings. Consider fall flora like crabapples, wheat, and ornamental vegetables. Choose from poppies, hypericum, sunflowers, red, burgundy, or plum dahlias, calla lilies, hydrangeas or a simple assortment of poplar, sycamore, elm, or maple fall leaves.

For your unity sand ceremony table, already graced with your vessels of sand, you have the unique option of using additional autumn décor touches. Behind the presentation of vessels, consider placing a bouquet of flowers and plants selected from your wedding fall foliage theme, or scatter the table decoratively with leaves or berries. If your wedding theme includes pumpkins or gourds, which come in surprising varieties like pink, white, or even blue, a unique decoration can include using gourds as part of your ceremony table decoration.

Your fall wedding is bound to be one of the most beautiful events in your life. With the varied and salient options available in this wonderful season, there is no wrong way to go. Some unique wedding ideas that some people have come up with have included a decorated barn, apple orchard, and winery venues or campfires, and rustic lanterns. Go ahead and be as creative as you like. It is a season for imagining. 

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