Popular Home Design Trends

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Today’s modern homes reflect new design trends, incorporating contemporary materials and building techniques. The following highlights the most popular home design trends for 2014 and beyond.

Earth-Friendly – Environmentally friendly designs feature biodegradable materials that are rustic, affordable and economical.

Prefabricated – Prefabricated homes are a far cry from traditional trailer park homes. Architects are using modular designs to create eye-catching designs that feature contemporary steel and glass accents.

Repurpose – More architects are incorporating repurposed materials into home designs. This includes repurposed barn wood, church pews or even materials from old factories.

Healthy – Many home designers recognize that toxic building materials can wreak havoc on immune systems and people’s health. Instead of using traditional materials that include chemical addictives, some designers are constructing homes that don’t have fume-producing glues, laminates or plastics.

Storm-Resistant – Engineers are working to create storm-resistant homes that can withstand hurricane-force winds. These designs include heavily insulated wall panels and sturdy concrete structures.

Floor Plans – Flexible floor plans include movable partitions, multi-purpose rooms, bonus rooms, pocket doors and even sliding doors.

Accessible – With more Americans and Baby Boomers developing physical limitations, home designers are embracing accessible designs that forgo staircases, high cabinets or sunken rooms. These universal floor plans feature larger bathrooms and wider hallways.

Outdoor Rooms – Outdoor spaces are becoming a popular addition to modern-day homes. Yard and garden areas combine with decks and patios to create an outside area that features outdoor kitchen appliances.

Storage – Today’s savvy homeowners embrace abundant storage and closet spaces. Custom builders recognize the needs of homeowners and are listening to their demands: bigger dressing rooms, more built-in cabinets, bigger garages and lofty walk-in closets.

Eastern Trends – Eastern philosophies have become an integral part of American society, with more people embracing Vastu Shasta and Feng Shui decorating techniques. Followers of these ideologies believe these techniques boost health, promote happy relationships and contribute to long prosperity.

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