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Jive Communications Changes the Role of the Business Phone

JIVE Communications and now transforming business communications with all new Enterprise VoIP phone systems.

Orem, Utah – March 20, 2013 – Jive Communications and announce that Voice over Internet Protocol phones are changing the role of the business phone.  The latest generation of VoIP communication systems for commercial and public sector clients has made it easy for a company of any size to have the same features as large corporations.

Innovative VoIP technology levels the playing field for communications for any business. Regardless of a company’s size or location, they can now experience enterprise-grade hosted communications from Even a small company with only a handful of employees can expect powerful hosted telephony solutions that allow them to compete with much larger businesses.

Jive Communications offers hosted email and video services complete with high definition video conferencing. This is a cloud-based service that allows any organization to get professional grade videoconferencing at low prices. With hosted email, employees can access their messages from anywhere in the world, allowing workers to perform their jobs from remote locations. Jive also offers low-cost QoS broadband with carrier-grade IP networks capable of prioritizing the more important traffic.

Enterprise-grade calling features include high voice quality delivered in the cloud, making the service highly reliable. In the past, small companies were unable to afford the complex, high-end calling systems that include advanced features, but today with hosted VoIP phone systems, any company can enjoy the power of feature-rich hosted services.

An Enterprise-Class Hosted VoIP system is flexible because it can easily and cheaply grow with the business. Scalability is one of the more attractive features of hosted VoIP services. Companies can utilize both voice and data services from, offering a small up-front investment and one low monthly bill. Other advantages include standards-based equipment that can also be upgraded as a company grows.

According to John Pope, CEO of Jive Communications, “We are excited to be part of this enormous shift in the way the world communicates. We also understand what the sluggish economy has done to many smaller businesses and that’s why we offer so many great products and services at discounted prices.”

Jive Communications was founded in 2006 and has completely altered the face of the average company’s telephone and internet system. Companies of every size are moving away from traditional telephone systems that can’t give them the enhanced features and service found in Voice over Internet Protocol.

Jive’s hosted services are currently operated on Jive Core, a proprietary, cloud-based platform. The Jive Core™ Cloud-Based Platform delivers superior phone and internet services at affordable prices. Jive also partners with leading telecommunications hardware and service vendors in order to offer the most comprehensive programs. Companies can get free or heavily discounted Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones. Discounted service agreements for businesses that have 25 or more users are also offered.

The website offers a full listing of free and discounted phones, along with other hardware and accessories. Jive Communications offers top quality receptionist expansions, conference phones, switches, headsets, paging adapters, and extended warranties all at very low prices.

About JIVE Communications

Jive Communications was founded in 2006 and provides enterprise-grade hosted VoIP and unified communications to large and small businesses and organizations. Using the Jive Coreâ„¢ Cloud-Based Platform, a proprietary, cloud-based platform, Jive Core has been purpose-built from the ground up to deliver the most reliable, powerful, and economical hosted communication services on the market today.

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JIVE Communications

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