Rafting in the Grand Canyon

This is an Advertorial

What could possibly be more exciting and exhilarating than white water rafting in the Grand Canyon?  If you’re anything like me, you have always assumed that the opportunity was no longer available because of government or state regulations but I guess that I was grossly uninformed by making that assumption because there are many different Grand Canyon rafting trips are available and it’s an experience that you’ll never forget.

Holiday River Expeditions offers two different trips when looking at white water rafting the Grand Canyon.  You can do a 5-6 day trip in the Upper Grand Canyon or an 8-9 day trip in the Lower Grand Canyon.  Each trip will be a great adventure for you and you’ll get to see amazing things at one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  You’ll see some of the greatest creations of Mother Nature during your time on the river and you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the things around us that we hardly even take the time to think about while you lay underneath billions of stars that shine down on you.

Some of your favorite parts of your river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon will probably be:

  • Towering red rock canyon walls
  • Hike into or out of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim (depending which trip you choose)
  • Polished granite rock
  • Travel up to 240 miles and experience 160 rapids
  • See rock formations up close that were formed 1.7 billion years ago
  • The food or “feast” that is provided to you by Holiday River Expeditions throughout the trip

This trip is not easy and Holiday River Expeditions warns that all participants be in good physical condition and be 16 years or older in order to enjoy the whole trip and so that you can stay on schedule throughout the trip.  If that doesn’t sound like it will work for you or for your group, Holiday River Expeditions would be happy to help you find another trip that will better suit you.

No matter which Grand Canyon rafting trip you choose, you’ll have an unbelievable experience and you’ll dread the trip ending and having to go back to your work-filled, fast-paced life.

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