Raising Money for a Cause

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Selling custom silicone wristbands is a great way to raise money and promote awareness of a cause.  Many organizations have done this and have been successful.  These wristbands have gained attention across the nation, so they are a recognizable and popular item.  A wide range of people like to wear the bands to support a cause.  Some people even like to use them as a piece of jewelry.  This makes them perfect for a fundraiser.


Using custom bands benefits the organization because the bands usually sell very quickly.  The amount earned for all the wristbands depends on the actual fundraiser.  Some people will sell the bands for a dollar, while others will sell them for five.  It really depends on how many are purchased.  The larger the order is the less each wristband costs.  An organization that buys a large order can raise a significant amount of money by selling each wristband for a dollar.


Many organizations will buy larger orders of the custom bands because of their popularity.  Young people especially like the custom bands.  They’re often eager to get the newest one to show their support.  Adults are more likely to buy a wristband if it’s for a fundraiser or a cause.


Selling silicone bands is also a great way to spread awareness of the cause.  A person who buys a wristband is directly supporting the cause in two ways.  First, they’re contributing to the fundraiser’s goal by purchasing a band.  Second, when they wear the band they show their support and advertise the cause.  This helps spread awareness of the cause.  If a person asks what the wristband means, the person can easily explain what the cause is for.


Wearing awareness bracelets can help the cause immediately and later in time.  When a person learns about the silicone wristbands they may go out and buy a band right away.  This will directly help the fundraiser.  If the fundraiser is over, the person may go online and research the cause.  Doing this will further educate them, and they can then continue to spread awareness.  At the same time, the person may choose to donate to the cause online.


Custom wristbands have the potential to increase support after the fundraiser is over.  Anyone who continues to wear the band will be spreading awareness for the cause.  This can also lead to more donations to help people that benefit from the cause.  Additional donations can mean a lot to a person who has a disease that the cause is fighting.


Most organizations and causes experience overwhelming success when they sell custom wristbands for a fundraiser.  People like to support good causes that help other people in need.  A silicone wristband is a simple way that a person can show their support for a cause every day.

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