Recap: 2013 Wedding Trends

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Sandsational Sparkle recaps what was in and out for 2013 wedding trends.


Sugar flowers! As more people stray away from expensive, fresh floral arrangements, couples are embracing whimsical wedding touches that include sugar flowers. Not only do they taste delicious, but also they don’t wilt or fade and are more environmentally friendly than pesticide-filled flowers.

Fresh cake, if you please! Couples are forgoing the old tradition of freezing the top cake layer and enjoying a fresh alternative – new cake!

Rustic buttercream was exiled in favor of beautiful fondant. Instead of going Betty Crocker granola style, artists embraced the austerity of fondant canvases, allowing sugary wildflowers to blossom, climb and bloom into stunning masterpieces.

Instead of gravity defying, “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy designs, couples embraced delicate cake designs that focus on superb execution and intricate details.

The natural movement is sweeping the wedding design world. While sugar flowers are still the dominant cake topper, instead of rigid designs, artists are embracing organic, realistic and delicate designs that aren’t perfect, but look natural.

The latest craze is sleek, classic pedestal cake stands. Instead of covering a drum-sized base with fake gold dust, pedestals elevate cakes and are ideal for supporting multi-tiered creations.

Floral designers really pushed the envelope in 2013 and the following trends dominated: wearable flowers, exotic bouquets, jewel tones, defined lines, floral backdrops, chrysthanthemums, floating pool flowers and hanging flower arrangements.

Grooms got their own section this year, as bourbon bars, statement socks, Pinterest, co-ed bachelor parties and male engagement rings were all the rage.


CBS reported that the traditional garter and bouquet toss, centuries’ old wedding traditions, are gradually being phased out. In fact, reports show that less than 25-percent of brides toss their floral bouquets, with even less participating in the traditional garter tosses.

The more popular foodie dessert movements have ousted plain white cake. More couples are opting for flavor-filled cakes that are moist, featuring light buttercreams and decadent fillings. Among the most popular options include Cappuccino Buttercream with Vietnamese Cinnamon and Chocolate Cake topped with a sinful Hazelnut Praline.

Heavily decorated cakes are out. Not the decorations, just the amount of swag. Instead, 2013 saw delicate, lacy and frilly cake designs that added subtle, awe-inspiring textures to wedding cakes.

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