Self Storage for Decorations and Display Props

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In business, holidays and season changes are high-peak selling periods. These are times of the year when people are gearing up for special seasonal activities and celebrations. Many businesses decorate their stores to signify the changes and special festivities taking place, and also to alert and target customers who will be shopping for these seasons or holidays.

Homeowners can be especially busy during these times as well as they attempt to adorn or facelift their homes. For small businesses and homeowners alike, self storage may prove useful for storing all the many props, and decorations needed throughout a busy year of big seasonal changes and many special holidays.

Businesses and homes with particularly limited storage space can avoid additional clutter and disorganization by putting extra supplies, props, and decorations in self storage. The extra space could be used, instead, for items that are used on a more regular and immediate basis.

Businesses with stores that use window displays may also have good use for a self storage unit if they are always changing the scenery in their displays. In addition to commemorating the season or holiday at hand, they may also choose to advertise new merchandise and special sales events. Window displays are important for attracting new customers, but the process of retrieving window props, installing them, pulling them down, organizing them and putting them into accessible storage is a labor-intense process. Self storage may help to facilitate this process by ensuring the items you are not using stay out of your way, properly organized until the time of  year you will need them.

The Storage Center offers self storage units in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Our Louisiana locations include Gretna self storage, Lafayette self storage and Prairieville self storage. In Texas, we have Round Rock self storage facilities and San Antonio self storage facilities. Our Mississippi locations include Flowood, Jackson, and Pearl self storage units. For questions about any of our storage facilities, be sure to peruse our website or give us a call.


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