Social Media Marketing Stats

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Marketing is a data-driven business, meaning that it’s vital for companies to keep up with their competitors. Statistics show that up to 93-percent of companies use social media for business marketing. Contrary to popular belief, people of all ages are on social media. The fastest growing social media segment is adults between the ages of 45 to 55 years old.

Among the most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The second most popular sites include blogs, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Statistics show that up to 86-percent of marketing professionals have “liked” a brand on Facebook, while only 58-percent of consumers admit to doing so. This gap is even more substantial on Twitter with a respective 61-percent of marketers and 12-percent of consumers.

As of a year ago, Facebook had 1 billion users, YouTube 800 million, Google+ 343 million and Twitter and LinkedIn tied with 200 million.

In general, demographic studies show that people who use social media sites are more active than their non-social media counterparts. Social media networkers are up to 18-percent more likely to have gym memberships or workout regularly, 19-percent are more likely to go to sporting events and 26-percent are more likely to offer opinions on current events and politics.

Approximately 50-percent of social media users under 35 years old follow friends’ service and product recommendations, meaning that social media marketing is a critical marketing component for younger generations.

Up to 70-percent of brand marketers consider social media advertising to be a valuable, effective brand awareness tool that helps to drive direct consumer responses.

The latest reports also show that small businesses are jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon, with more than 21-percent planning to increase spending on this form of networking.

Interesting Facebook statistics include the following:

Up to 23% of Facebook members check their accounts with a frequency of five times or more every day.
80% of Facebook members state that they prefer to connect with brand that are on Facebook.
50% of Facebook users use a Smartphone to regularly check their accounts.
The most effective days and times for posting on Facebook are Saturdays at noon. Posts should be regular and routinely done three to four times weekly.

Social media marketing is a full-time job that can consume companies’ schedules. In order to effectively introduce social marketing, many companies are outsourcing these time-consuming, complicated tasks. Social Power Pack offers easy social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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