Solar Energy Advantages

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With gas prices and electricity at all time highs, people are looking for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution that efficiently powers homes.

The vast benefits of solar energy are an excellent option for people to consider. This renewable energy does not pollute the earth, nor does it negatively affect the environment.

In fact, harnessing the sun’s rays, it not only cost effective, it provides a renewable energy resource that will never run out. Solar power can easily be harnessed at night, during the day and even in overcast weather.

Solar energy is not only environmentally friendly, but it also does not pollute the land, water or air. Ultimately, solar energy promotes less use of gas, oil and coal – all of which are leading causes of greenhouse gases. Additionally, harnessing the sun’s rays also prevents accidental oil spills.

Solar panels have a lifespan of more than 30 years, if properly maintained and cared for. When maintaining solar panels, simply spraying them with a garden hose will remove damaging dirt, debris and pollen. SolarBOS sells a variety of solar combiner boxes, source circuit combiners, disconnect combiners, contactor combiners, current monitoring combiners, multi-combiners, standard fuse boxes, non-load-break fuse boxes, load-break fuse boxes, standard recombiners, disconnect recombiners, contactor recombiners, contactor enclosure, non-load-break disconnect enclosure, load-break disconnect enclosure, power supply assemblies and gateway, gateway boxes, compact solutions, compact combiners, compact fuse boxes, compact junction boxes and string checkers.

Solar energy is easy to install and SolarBOS provides an abundance of detailed literature, including .pdf manuals and warranties, all available online for easy download. In fact, the detailed World Wide Web offers an abundance of information about how to install solar energy panels, kits and residential wiring systems.

Solar panels are very reliable. Most people do not know that solar energy is able to generate and store enough electricity during daylight hours, that this stored energy often exceeds an average home’s energy requirements! This extra energy is added to the utility’s grid, allowing homeowners to receive credit – or sell – the excess energy.

Residential solar energy systems can actually increase a home’s value. Some people are so energy conscious or want a self-sufficient system that having a previous homeowner invest in a solar system, is a huge consideration when purchasing a home.

Solar panels are extremely reliable and are the world’s future energy source. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they provide an abundant source of natural, non-harmful energy.

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