Stealth Core Trainer is One of the Best Ab Training Inventions to Hit the Market

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Do you ever look at your waistline and long for the days before that pesky, stubborn belly fat stuck to your mid-section? Belly fat is one of the most difficult things to lose and keep off and is a leading contributor to diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions.

Can you relate?

All of us long for washboard abs and a long, lean physique that is healthy, but in the past, it’s been hard to accomplish this by ourselves. Additionally, traditional sit-ups do not help us lose midsection fat effectively and quickly.

The U.S. military started to institute planks into regular workout regimens because they are extremely effective at targeting stubborn belly fat, building core strength and lower back muscles, which are essential to having a strong, solid core.

Now you can forget about carrying that belly fat around and target it safely and effectively through a new, innovative type of abdominal trainer.

What is the Stealth Core Trainer?

The Stealth Core Trainer makes exercising fun and effective. Unlike traditional abdominal exercises that only target certain areas of the body and aren’t very effective, Stealth incorporates the all-inclusive plank exercise but puts a fun spin on this traditional exercise.

Stealth understands that traditional planks are boring, which makes it hard to hold them for long periods of time, leaving many people to abandon this effective abdominal exercise. The Stealth Core Trainer incorporates a challenging workout that is better than static planks because it challenges your core and abdominal muscles to the max. To help make the exercises more fun, they took inspiration from video games and created a unique software that uses the movements from Stealth Core Trainer that integrates with the game so people can compete with friends and others around the globe.

The game works on both iOS and Android devices, is easy to download and since the device is smartphone compatible, it simply inserts into the Stealth Core Trainer.

How does it work?

The Stealth Core Trainer’s innovative design helps you hold your planks longer which targets your abdominal muscles, engaging them to help you become stronger and burn more fat.

Experienced trainers love plank exercises because they rely on body weight and when you add the Stealth Core Trainer to the mix, your body needs to stabilize itself, which effectively targets the abdominal muscles.

Planks work by building the base layer, flattening the stomach and strengthening the core. Your abdominal muscles are the base layers that need to get in good shape to help hold all your other layers in place. Planks work to engage the entire core, even those deep layers of muscle that are next to your spine, known as transverse abdominals. These are the foundation for a strong core. To have a flat stomach, you need to work your core muscles to increase their strength.


  • Stealth Core Trainer is available in both professional and personal models.
  • It supports dynamic 360-degree motion.
  • Works with any size smartphone
  • Works on both iOS and Android devices

Take a look at what people are saying about Stealth!

Experts agree that planks are one of the best exercises to help achieve a strong core, which is integral to having a healthy body.

Women’s Health – “Can video games help you move your butt? You bet … Stealth, a new tool plus app … [makes][ ab work fun … adding mini movements can distract you while upping the challenge.”

Shape – “One company decided to bump up the ‘fun’ in functional movement and turn planking into entertainment. Meet the Stealth Interactive Core Trainer, a balance board–style platform that pairs with an app on your smartphone to let you play video games using your abs.”

PopSugar – “Game the hell out of your workout with the Stealth Interactive Core Trainer. Not only are they the smartest planks you’ll ever do, but they’re also the most fun — you’re actively trying to beat a video game as you exercise your way to a happier you.”

Mashable – “Playing video games for a six-pack is definitely one of the most attractive training plans out there.”    

Sports Illustrated – “For the person who hates working out, this is a great gift.”

Forbes – “The gamified contraption combines a physical board with an interactive scoring application and uses your phone’s accelerometer to track body movements.”

GQ – “The requisite tilting and twisting provides a more dynamic workout than the regular old plank, and random target placement and sequencing ensures that no two workouts are the same.”

Men’s Health – “You can go through it as fast as you want but the true challenge is how well you maintain clean plank form. It’ll feel like hell for a few minutes, but it’ll be more fun than you’ve ever had with this exercise.”

CNET – “If you’re into planking or don’t like to plank but wish you did, the Stealth Core Trainer is worth checking out. It proves that a little game can help you overcome the pain — or at least hold it at bay for longer.”

TODAY – “Best new health and fitness gadgets.”

Stealth offers two versions: Professional and Personal. If you’re interested in making an investment in your health and fitness, head over to Stealth’s page and place your order.

Click here and purchase your Stealth Core Trainer today.

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