Storing Your Items for the Winter in California

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     Sparky’s Self Storage can help you year round with your storage needs. Even with California’s generally mild climate, temperatures drop in the winter to low enough that special precautions need to be taken when storing items that could be damaged by the cold weather.

     Winter is a great time to store those items you normally use in warmer months that are just taking up space. Items like surfboards, boats, camping gear, beach toys, barbeque equipment, waterskiing equipment, patio furniture, motorcycles, and so forth can be kept safe in a storage unit until winter has passed. Looking for a place to store your boat for the winter? Sparky’s Self Storage has locations in Hesperia, Highland, Thousand Palms, and Rialto boat storage.

When storing motorcycles for the winter make sure to store with a different grade of oil as cold weather causes oil to lose viscosity. Additionally, add a stabilizer to your fuel tank, and take the battery out. Finally, because moisture can cause rust during storage, wax your bike before storing for the winter.

Boat storage poses additional hazards in the winter months. Winterize your boat in preparation for storage. Take out the ethanol in the fuel tank as ethanol absorbs moisture and can cause your boat engine to rust. Place open baking soda containers in different places within the boat to combat odors that can accumulate during the winter months. Cover your boat tightly before storing it.

To determine your storage needs for the winter, visit self storage Palm Desert CA. Remember to thoroughly clean your camping cookware before storing it for the winter as you certainly don’t want to clean grime that has caked on before your next camping trip. Also, clean your sleeping bag and set up your tent and brush off any leaves or debris before storing. It is best to store your sleeping bag and sleeping pad unrolled for the winter.

Clean your barbeque grill before storing it away. Detach propane tanks and do not store the propane tank in your storage unit as it could be dangerous for yourself and others. Make sure your grill is dry and cover it with a waterproof cover to prevent dust and moisture damage during storage.

For waterskiing equipment, thoroughly rinse and dry your wetsuits before storage especially if they have been used in saltwater. Saltwater speeds up the corrosion process. Store your wetsuits with newspaper stuffed in them to protect their shape. Use a rack to store skis, wakeboards, and the like and store horizontally. Do not lean up against a wall in your storage unit. You want to protect your waterskiing equipment from dings or scratch damage.

Use patio furniture covers to protect your patio furniture from dust and moisture during storage. Winter is a good time to swap out your winter clothing from storage and store away the summer and spring clothing. Make sure to use boxes specifically for clothing storage. You can obtain these boxes at Sparky’s Self Storage Highland, CA packing supplies. Also, you can get ready for winter by taking out of storage all of your winter items like snow skis.

California is a fun place to live, even with the winter chill. Sparky’s Self Storage has on-site management that can provide you with even more help storing your items in the winter. With all of these winter storage tips, you should now be well-equipped to enjoy the winter and all of the extra space self-storage provides!

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