The Future: Teaching Youth Work Skills

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Today’s youths may be facing an employment crisis. “The Washington Post” reports that only a mere 27-percent of today’s college graduates find employment in their current majors. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers want graduates that have excellent written and verbal communication skills, valuable leadership qualities, superb analytical and quantitative skills, team working abilities, work ethic, advanced problem-solving skills, take initiative, are detailed oriented and possess computer skills.

After reading that extensive list, most teens may feel slightly overwhelmed, but there is hope. Parents and families can help their children succeed by incorporating these necessary life skills into family outings and activities.

With more teens becoming physically inactive, there is an obesity epidemic on the horizon. Parents need to be proactive to prevent these physical ailments, which can lead to serious medical conditions. Simultaneously, physical activities, such as camping and white water rafting actually help build teambuilding experiences and skills.

Unlike video games, which are known to contribute to psychological anti-social behaviors, outdoor activities help promote communication, interpersonal skills and lifelong learning. Families can participate in family river rafting trips, which gives parents and children time to communicate one-on-one. Not only is it important for children to be able to express themselves verbally and emotionally, it’s also critical that they be able to communicate in group-related scenarios. River rafting is a group experience, where people get together and learn how to effectively communicate to maneuver rafts down challenging rivers. Faced with obstacles, children work together to overcome these nature-filled challenges.

Outdoor adventures also give children a break from modern-day technologies, helping allow them to refocus on verbal communication skills. To effectively maneuver white water rapids, children must join together and exercise verbal communication. These trips are also a great opportunity to teach children work ethic, exploring projects from beginning to end. White water rafting offers a rewarding journey, which culminates in conquering nature. These outdoor adventures also allow children to express real-life analytical and quantitative skills, including problem-solving activities.

While computer skills are important, it’s also necessary that children explore nature and learn about the great outdoors. With more companies embracing green-friendly technologies, children should have an appreciation for the environment and nature. Instead of just reading about the beauty of nature, children can witness firsthand native wildlife, visit historic Native American villages and learn the importance of environmental stewardship.

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