The Latest Fall Trends

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What are the latest sunglasses trends on today’s ever-evolving chic marketplace? Olympic Eyewear will help consumers choose the most up-to-date styles, ensuring that customers look simply fabulous in time for the holidays.

  • Big, Bold and Sunny – These distinct styles are reminiscent of that tiny little polka dot bikini, only big and ready to make a statement.
  • Camouflage Redone – By combining tortoise style with camouflage colors, sunglasses have been reinvented with a unique, playful style.
  • Bigger, Bolder, Brighter – Instead of sunny hues, think PINK. It is after all, the month of October and what better way to honor breast cancer than by donning a stunning pair of stylish pink shades?
  • Visit Oz – Think Dorothy’s ruby red slippers times ten, only with a stylish simplicity that will sure to be the talk of the town.
  • Blue Shutters – Bold, bright and blue, who ever said the 80’s wouldn’t make a giant comeback?
  • Tortoise – A classic, stylish color that compliments nearly any hair color and skin tone.
  • Cat Eye – You may need the right facial features to pull this shape off, but if you do, trust us, it’s simply beyond flattering and may even change your life.
  • Square – Simply mod and hip, it’s the ever-go-to style for today’s celebrities.
  • Black – Simply fabulous for Edith Head, one of the most famous and celebrated costume designers of the 20th century, and George Burns, a comedic legend in his own right, these simple, classic glasses never go out of style.
  • Funky, fashionable wings – This curve-inducing style adds a little pizzazz to women’s eyes and eyebrows. Who wouldn’t like to wear these adorable funky, fun-loving shades?
  • Aviator – This ultimate classic became a permanent style thanks to Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.” Now fashionable for both men and women, they have achieved a long-celebrated mention on this top list.
  • The 60’s Baby! – Whoever said the mod, hip 60’s trends wouldn’t be making a comeback? Well, Austin Power’s accurately predicted this fun-loving trend and these sunglasses are making brilliant fashion waves.

Olympic Eyewear strives to provide the latest wholesale sunglasses trends, including popular brands such as DG, X-Loop, Locs, Choppers, Biohazard, Air Force, Manhattan, Arctic Blue, Polarspex, Road Warrior, Nitrogen, Romance, Sturgeon, VG, Virage, Biker, CG and U&ME Readers. Their website is also searchable by new arrivals, including Fall 2012, which ushers in new Aviator, Air Force, Choppers, Nitrogen, Locs, DG and many more.

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